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Marton: Liv? Livvie? You home, love? *materializes in the front hallway, so as not to surprise you needlessly*

Liv: I'm in here! *calls from the living room where I've been polishing furniture all day to take out all my worries and frustrations*

Marton: *steps into the living room, nearly overwhelmed by the smell of furniture polish* Let me guess... you had another visitor today?

Liv: *back to you, so you can't see that I've been crying again.* Yes. *doesn't elaborate. grimly scrubs on. the coffee table is so shiny I can see my face in it*

Marton: Liv... *crosses the room and takes your hand in mine, slowly turning you to me* What happened?

Liv: *not looking at you. so full of doubts. doubts that my mother has planted in my head. so full of fears. I’ve never felt so alone in my entire life. is silent*

Marton: Liv, look at me, please? *tries to lift your head up, without using force*

Liv: *slowly brings my head up to look at you, biting my lip. my face is tear-stained*

Marton: Oh man... *cups your face with my hands* Liv... what happened, love?

Liv: *shakes my head. not wanting to cry again. I’ve just been having visitors all day long. my mother, my aunt, my cousins, my grandparents. all members of my family who ordinarily would never give me the time of day... threatening to disown me*

Marton: *sighs softly, pulling you to me, kissing the top of your head* Whatever it is, it'll be okay.

Liv: *I'm shaking just thinking about it. I hate this. I hate feeling so weak, so useless. I'm no good to you. Why would you ever want me? Who would ever want me? I'm nothing. I don't belong anywhere. Just stands there, fighting not to cling to you, fighting not to burrow into your warmth and comfort and security*

Marton: *feels your hesitation, but doesn't pull away. Instead I lead us over to the couch and pull you down into my lap, wrapping my arms around you*

Liv: *sits there, trying so hard not to react, trying so hard to not sink into you. I just don't know what to think, what to do. I'm torn*

Marton: It's hard to know who to trust and when to trust them. *I speak softly, running my fingers through your hair* Especially when it involves family and matters of the heart.

Liv: *tears pour down my face. you've hit the nail exactly on the head. I'm still silent. I don't know what to do. I feel so inadequate, so unworthy, so worthless. I am nothing. It has been drilled into me for years. Centuries. I have nothing but to believe it.*

Marton: Sometimes you just have to chuck everything you've ever known out the window and start over, discovering your own truths for yourself. *still playing with your hair. I want to kiss you, but I don’t know what your family has said, and that might be the wrong thing to do*

Liv: *starts crying in earnest, burying my face in my hands* I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I don't know what to do, what to think. I'm sorry. *crying hard*

Marton: Shhh, love... *cradles you to me, kissing the top of your head again* It's alright... let it out, let it go.

Liv: *sobbing, turning to you. taking the solace you offer. I'm so scared and alone. I've never felt so alone in my life*

Marton: *kisses your forehead, offering words of support, encouragement and lots of love*
Liv: *crying until I cannot cry any more. There's nothing else I can cry out. I just lie there, shaking, trembling. I'm frightened, and I don't know who I can depend on. I've always been the outsider, and this just emphasizes it.*

Marton: *holds you in my arms, unsure of what exactly to say, understanding that your family has probably spread many untruths about me and my brethren... as mine did to me*

Liv: *lying in your arms. wrung out from all the tears. exhausted and shattered. I'm numb, blank. I stare at the wall dully*

Marton: *strokes your face gently, humming an old Arabic lullaby, I brush my lips over your forehead, whispering words of endearment*

Liv: *just sitting there, letting you hold me. I'm so tired, so exhausted. I'm an emotional wreck, and I don't know what to do*

Marton: Liv... *it's an old trick, one that I don't usually do, but I can if I have to. I'm not sure if I can touch another elemental's mind, though...* Livvie, look at me...

Liv: *swallows. turns to look at Marton, not realizing he isn't speaking*

Marton: *sighs with relief* Liv, look at me and tell me what you see. Not what they see, but what you see

Liv: *speaking out loud* You. *reaching up to touch your face* I see... I see... *I see somebody who I could love for the rest of my life. I see somebody who will tear me apart from my family if I follow you. I see you.* you.

Marton: Do you trust me? Honestly.

Liv: *looks away. I don't know. I'm torn between two parties. I don't know what to say*

Marton: *sighs softly. I start telling you old stories of lover parted by their families and reunited because they're meant to be together. Some of the stories are just that, but others are truth. I know... I was there*

Liv: *curls up against you, strangely comforted by the stories you are telling me. I feel safe for now. secure.*

Marton: It wouldn't be the first time, Liv. *speaking out loud again* It won't be the last time. But as you've heard, some things are just meant to be, no matter what.

Liv: *buries my face against your neck, breathing you in, nods*

Marton: *strokes your hair, cupping your cheek gently to raise your face to mine, looking at you intently. I want to kiss you, but you'll have to make that move first*

Liv: *leaning towards you. so close, so close. I want to reach out and kiss you, but I'm scared. terrified. I'm shaking, but I don't realize it. My eyes are locked with yours*

Marton: *Please, Liv.. let me know you still want me...*

Liv: *moving closer and closer, I'm shaking so hard, that there's no way you can't tell how terrified I am. I stop just before my lips touch yours. My eyes look into yours, unsure, yet wanting you so much*

Marton: *so close I can taste you, taste the saltiness of your skin, but I cannot make that move. If I take your lips, it could be construed as me asserting my will over yours, and I’m not going to do that. It has to be your move... as much as it hurts me inside to sit and do nothing*

Liv: *I finally take the next step. Such a small step, but a big one for me, and kiss you lightly on the lips, tears pouring down my face, even though it seemed as if I'd cried myself out. I kiss you desperately, as if you're my only hope*

Marton: *tries not to cry with relief as you kiss me. I let you set the pace, holding myself back from doing what I really want to do. I kiss you back softly, waiting to see what you do next*

Liv: *I kiss you hungrily, desperately. all my fears and turmoil thrown into this kiss. I'm still shaking, trembling, and I don't notice*

Marton: *pulls you closer to me, kissing you back, my fingers entwined in your hair*

Liv: *holding on to you tightly*

Marton: *places little kisses all over your face, murmuring softly that I love you, that no matter what happens I'll always love you*

Liv: *feels comforted, soothed, closes my eyes and leans against you, trying to absorb your certainty*

Marton: *cups your cheek again, tilting your face up to kiss your lips gently* Are you feeling any better at all?

Liv: *nods a little, not trusting myself to speak*

Marton: It will be alright, love. You'll see.

Liv: *shudders and holds on tightly to you, wishing that it will indeed be all right. but somehow, I can't see that happening*

Marton: *holds you to me, pulling a blanket around you, kissing you softly again* I love you, Liv. Nothing they can do will ever change that.

Liv: *breathes out a shuddering sigh, curls up. just so tired. snuggles up against you*

Marton: *gets us settled on the couch and purposely raises my body temperature, to get you to relax more and fall asleep* Sleep, love. It will be better when you wake up. You'll see.

Liv: *shudders and curls up against you, soaking in your warmth and comfort. falls into a troubled sleep*

Marton: *sighs, cursing both of our damned families. I stay awake for a long long time, before finally drifting off myself*
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