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[Takes place the same day as this and this]

Lijah: *I'd managed to actually sleep a couple of hours after Dom and I had gotten back from the grocery store. Helped a little with my headache which is a good thing. It's now evening, and Dom is in the kitchen trying to fix us some dinner with what we have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. I'm not really all the hungry but he wants to make dinner so I'm not going to stop him. I'm in the living room, watching television, or should I say, channel hopping, when I remember I was going to call Liv. Hopping off the couch, I get the phone, dialling her number as I sit back down on the couch, clicking the television's volume down as I wait for someone to answer on the other end*

Livvie: *I've just showered, and Marton's busy puttering around in the kitchen. I'm not letting him go far away from me with all this hassle from our relatives. When the phone rings I scurry over to pick it up, drying my hair as I go* Hello?

Lijah: *I smile when she answers, glad that she is alright, I'd been a little worried, what with Dom being a little concerned earlier* Hey, Livvie. It's me.

Livvie: Lij? Lij! *smiles and curls up on my bed, setting my comb down* How are you, Lij?

Lijah: *I hesitate on answering that question, moving to turn the television right down, so it's on mute* I'm alright, you know. *I'm really not in the mood to talk about what happened earlier. Not when I know Dom and I will talk about it later* How're you doing? Everything alright?

Livvie: I'm... okay now... *hesitates... I don't know... I... I don't want to worry people. It's just...* Yeah... I guess...

Lijah: *frowning now* What do you mean you're okay -now-? Liv, what's going on? Has something happened? *I'm also worried now. Can't help it. What's going on?*

Livvie: It's... nothing, nothing at all. *determinedly trying to change the subject* How's Dom?

Lijah: He's fine. *not letting you change the subject. I can be a persistent bastard when I want to be* Liv! Don't you dare go changing the subject on me. I'll just come over and get whatever it is out of you in person so you may as well just give in and tell me now. Because I'll find out anyway.

Livvie: But... *shakes my head* It's nothing. Really. Nothing at all. *shit. shit. shit. He's never going to stop bugging me about this now. I don't want to worry him. I don't. Not Lij. He has too many things to worry about*

Lijah: Which technically means it -is- something. *sighing softly* Liv, I might be able to help. What's going on? You do realize you’re just making me worry more by not telling me, don't you?

Livvie: *sighs* Lij... I.. I.. *starts crying just thinking about it. shit. shit.* It's bad.

Lijah: *I bit my bottom lip. God, what's going on. It must be pretty bad for her to be crying. And now I feel guilty because I forced the issue and made her cry over it. Good one Lijah. I hadn't meant to upset her* Livvie, sweetheart, please don't cry. What's happened?

Livvie: *sobbing, but trying to stop. I'm speaking, and the words are tumbling all over themselves and really, all you can make out is that they're making me leave marton or marton leave me, and by this time, I'm crying too hard and trying not to let marton hear me cry*

Lijah: *Jesus, she's not making a whole lot of sense. I feel utterly helpless. I don't like hearing her this upset. It's horrible* Who's making you leave Marton... or making Marton leave you? What? *I'm completely confused* Liv, honey, please calm down, baby. Whatever it is, it can be sorted out I'm sure. *I can't deal with crying women. It's one of the most horrible things to have to deal with because I never know what to do and it's usually heartbreaking to watch, or listen to in this case. And I mean, this is Liv. I've never heard of seen her cry before, well except over a sappy movie and that's very different. I honestly don't know what to do*

Livvie: *controls myself with a lot of effort* Our families... our families... *chokes back a sob*

Lijah: What about your families? *I shouldn't have pushed* Princess, is Marton there with you now? Would you like me to come over?

Livvie: They.. *chokes* they don't want us to be together... They *sob* say it's *sob* unnatural. *shudders* M-m-marton's here. *heaving breath* He's here. *sob* I'm not.. not leaving him. And-and-and h-he's not leaving m-m-me...

Lijah: *I'm not sure I really understand* Is this an elemental thing? *I mean what else could it be?* Don't they understand that you two are in love? *sighing softly, I run a hand across my forehead* I'm sorry, Liv. What are you and Marton going to do? When did your families decide you weren't allowed to be together?

Livvie: *sniffs* Yes, it's an elemental thing. All the elementals are against each other and-and stuff. *hiccups* And they want to tear us apart. And we're not gonna let it happen. *fiercely* Not ever. Not ever...

Lijah: *I smile a little at how determined you sound about that* I'm glad. You need to fight for what you want Liv. *I think it's going to be very tough though*

Livvie: *hiccups* Y-yes. B-but it's gon-gonna be hard. V-v-very hard. Th-there's a sort of war amongst the elementals, you-you see. *shuddering a little*

Lijah: Yeah.... *I don't actually know much about it, but I'm some how not surprised* If you need anything, you know where to come right? *that probably doesn't sound like much to offer her, but what else is there for me to do? I'm not an elemental for a start.*

Livvie: *sniffs a little* Th-thanks Lij... *sighs, wiping at my face* I'm s-sorry I worried you.

Lijah: *I'm more worried now then I was before* It's okay, Livvie. I'm sorry I pressed and got you all upset, if I had known I wouldn't have. *I sigh heavily*

Livvie: *sniffs* That's okay, Lijah. That's ok. I'm sorry. It's just.. just bad, that's all..

Lijah: Yeah, I know, honey. I know. *I wish I knew what to do, what to say to make her feel better about the whole thing* So, um, what have you and Marton got planned for this evening?

Livvie: *lil smile. sniffle* We're staying in and cuddling. *lil chuckle* He's even cooking for me now. Won't let me in the kitchen.

Lijah: That's nice of him. *smiling at the thought of the both of you cuddling together on the couch* I'm sure whatever he's cooking, it'll be wonderful. Maybe you should try and peek in through the kitchen door though, just to make sure.

Livvie: *smiles* Well, I can smell it from here, and it smells really good, so I'm sure it will be lovely. I love him so much.

Lijah: *I smile* I know you do, and he loves you just as much. So I'm going to let you go, so you can spend some time with him. And I will come and see you in a couple of days alright?

Livvie: All right, Lij. Thanks for calling. Love you too. *lil smile*

Lijah: And I love you. And I'm always here if you need me. I'll talk to you soon, Livvie.

Livvie: Bye. *softly*

Lijah: *hanging up the phone, I frown. Fuck, I'm such a fucking idiot sometimes. Throwing the phone down onto the couch in anger at myself, I cover my face with my hands, wishing I could have done something more, or... god, anything, something that could have helped, but no, I didn't know what to do and had to cut the call short because I was starting to freak at having made her so upset. Fucking idiot.*
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