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lotr_gathered's Journal

Community of the Gathered
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If we have to be different, we may as well be different together.

There are more of us than you think. The not quite so normal, not always quite so human. Those of us born with talents, powers or abilities that make us different. Werewolves, fey, shifters, telepaths and witches to name a few. But being different has often meant being solitary.

Until now.

Now we are being gathered together. Its happening everywhere. Some well known universities in London have far more exclusive acceptance policies than you would think. Private clubs, law firms, in the most unlikely places we are being gathered.

Movie sets.

Alright, one movie set, although the project was so sucessful that I'm sure there will be more. But what better place to gather than in a small, quiet town, in a far away island. The film, a classic fantasy, was the subject of constant public scrutiny and debate. If they had known that its stars, its crew members, everyone right down to the very last extra was 'different' I am sure the magic of the film would seem tame in comparison.

We were chosen for 'Lord of the Rings' in order to form our own kind of fellowship. Those who had lived with being different for many years, centuries in some cases, came together to help those of us new and unused to our powers. All of us found we may be different, but we are not, entirely, alone. And many of us made the best friends we will ever have on that film set.

But all things must end, and that is the purpose of this journalling community. To keep in touch when we cannot be together physically, to offer support to each other, and to chronicle our lives.

We are scattered now, but won't lose each other again.


Thats the premise. Everyone on the 'rings' cast and crew had some kind of supernatural difference, and they were chosen for that reason, to get to know others like them.

This is an RPS RPG. You can pick any cast member you like, or even a crew member if you would like to create an OC, and work out what powers you would like them to have. Check out the current members to see what we have already. The only necessity is that they can pass for human at least most of the time, and of course vampires would need some kind of daylight clause.

We're not just looking for good guys. Some of you may wish to use your powerful gifts for more malevolent purposes. And thats great, we love a bit of conflict.

We're looking for good writers who can create interesting plotlines with each other. All you need to join is an in character journal, and an email address and AIM identity where you can roleplay. You're encouraged to post important chats and events in your characters lives.

To join, just send a sample audition, or point me to somewhere I can see your writing, and tell me what RPS / Roleplay experience you have.

Please note, this will be an adult game with adult rated posts, and some slash pairings.

Characters Taken:

Viggo Mortensen - telekinetic - viggo_

Andre Schneider - Shapeshifter / PSI abilities - atticat

David Wenham - PSI abilities - psi_dave

Orlando Bloom - Shapeshifter / telepath - orlikitty

Elijah Wood - Empath - elijahwood_

Mark Ferguson - Electricity control - unremarked

Sean Bean - Werewolf - werebean

Dom Monaghan - Clairvoyant - divined_dom

Miranda Otto - Healing Powers - mirandaotto_

Liv Tyler - Water Elemental - liv_elemental

Billy Boyd - Astral Traveller - spiritofbilly

Marton Csokas - Djinn djinn_marton

Pup needing a home:

Karl Urban - Witch* - urbanwitch
*note: Karl's powers/abilities can be changed by whoever takes him over. He also has a blank slate as far as history in this game.