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Livvie: *am on my way back from Viggo's. my heart is lighter now that I've come to the conclusion that I'll stand by Marton.*

Marton: *meditating in your bedroom... technically somewhere between Here and There... waiting for you to return*

Livvie: *my thoughts are full of images of you. of you coming to soothe me. of you holding me. of how you anchor me. I slide my key into the lock*

Marton: *I can feel your thoughts, and know that you're nearly home. I concentrate and begin solidifying my form so as not to frighten you*

Livvie: *I step into the room, a little startled at all the smoke. uncertainly* Marton...?

Marton: *hmm... need to work on doing this faster* I’m here, love. *my voice has an ethereal quality to it, as I'm still not completely solid yet... and for some strange reason, it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to achieve solidity*

Livvie: *looks around. a little panicked* This is you? *waves hand around in the smoke. is surrounded by smoke*

Marton: Mmm... in a sense, yes. *sees you waving your hand and reaches out to touch you. My hand brushes yours, solid, then passes through you. Dammit!*

Livvie: Marton? *shakily, feeling your hand brush mine, then go through*

Marton: I'm here, but... it appears that I'm not quite altogether here. *sighs softly* This is my meditative state... when I'm ... mmm.. part of the Djinn Collective if you will. It appears... *slightly bitter tone* they are keeping me There. Or trying to.

Livvie: *trembling a little. getting more and more frightened. close to tears, but resolving not to let you see it* Oh. *swallows hard* Okay. Can you... will it be difficult to come back? *to me*

Marton: *reaches for your hand again, touching you then passing through again* It depends on how serious they are, love. I'm not going to lie to you... if they want me, they can keep me from returning.

Livvie: Oh. *forcing myself to be brave for you* Well... I'll... I'll be waiting. *bravely* I love you Marton. *swallows, trying so hard not to cry* I'll be waiting for you.

Marton: *I feel something give when you say that* You love me?

Livvie: *nods, trembling* I do. I'll wait and wait for you until they let you go. *furiously blinking away tears. refusing to let you see me distraught*

Marton: *struggles slightly, reaching for your hand again* Say it again, Liv. Tell me you love me again.

Livvie: *gripping onto your hand tightly, trying to make you stay* I love you. I love you. IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou.

Marton: *I concentrate on you, concentrate on your words and with each passing second, I feel myself slipping away from my brothers and solidifying in front of you. I grip your hand tightly, drawing strength from you, as you anchor me to this world*

Livvie: *gripping tightly on to you. repeating those three words over and over and over again like a mantra. my eyes shut*

Marton: *the pain is intense, but I refuse to cry out, refuse to let them know, with a sudden jerk and pull, I suddenly materialize completely in the flesh, tumbling into you and knocking us both onto the floor* Liv!!! Are you alright?

Livvie: Marton! *gasping, clinging on to you, refusing to let you go. refusing to cry*

Marton: *I hold you tightly to me, nearly crushing you* Liv, oh gods, Liv... *I don't want to let you know how scared I was, how close they came to pulling me away*

Livvie: *curling into you, not caring how tightly you're holding onto me, because I'm holding as tightly as I can on to you as I can. trembling*

Marton: *I roll onto my back, pulling you to my chest, and kiss your forehead* I love you, Liv.

Livvie: *shuddering sigh, a tear trickling down my cheek. I was so frightened* I love you so very much.

Marton: *I take a deep breath, drawing strength from those words. They told me she never would... and here she is, proving them wrong*

Livvie: *breathing you in* Don't ever leave me again. Don't. *clutching at you. buries my face against your chest so you don't see me crying*

Marton: Not if I can help it, love. *problem is, djinn don't sleep, we meditate. I can go awhile without meditating... I just don't know how long before I'll have to resume my natural state*

Livvie: *trembling, clutching at you* I was so scared, so scared.

Marton: I know, love. I was, too. *kisses you softly* But I’m here now.

Livvie: *sniffs and wipes away the tears. kissing you back tremulously* I'm so glad.

Marton: *I stand carefully, feeling the aches and pains and lead you over to the bed, where I once again pull you to me* Liv... do you really love me?

Livvie: *nods* Yes. Yes. I do. I really, really do. *watching you seriously. a little worried at the way you move so gingerly. settling against you, not wanting to let you go*

Marton: Not that I mind, love... but what brought this on? Just ... last week, was it?... you were having serious doubts about us, period.

Livvie: It was Viggo. He told me to listen to my heart. *smiles at you* And... and I do. I do love you. *smiles* My family had fed me so much to turn me against you... and the pressure. *trembles, just thinking about it*

Marton: shhh... you don't have to worry about it. I'm here now, and you're here, and we love each other.

Livvie: *snuggles up against you* Yes. Yes. *nods. curves my arms around you* I'm glad.

Marton: *kisses you again* Rest, love. We'll talk more after we've rested.

Livvie: *nods* Yes. Yes. *curling up and letting my eyes flutter shut. snug against you*

Marton: *lies there, holding you tightly, recuperating my human strength and trying to figure out a way to meditate without being caught again*
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