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Would passengers Bloom and Schneider please make their way to gate number seven.

OOC: Takes place right after this obviously.

Atti: *I've yet to reach Orlando, though I've left two messages on his voicemail. The cab I called took forever to reach Heathrow, as the traffic was quite bad, even for London. He didn't leave me any idea of what time our flight was leaving, so I can only hope I haven't missed it when the cab finally reaches the drop off area. I pay the driver and tip him well, then grab my bag and head inside. I have no idea if he's picked up our tickets, or anything like that, so I reach out, trying to feel how nearby he is and if I'll be able to talk to him. Apparently wherever he is isn't close enough, and there are too many people between us anyway. So with a sigh, I can only hope I don't need a boarding pass to find him
Finally, I can feel him and I smile to myself as I approach the restaurant he said he would be in, even sitting where he said he would be. He's his milkshake. And the waitstaff is obviously annoyed. So they either don't know who he is, or have already had enough annoyance out of him that it no longer matters* ::Kitten?::

Orli: Atti! *I cry out happily, having waited for the last possible moment to lean over backwards in my chair, so that he ends up with my head in his crotch and me looking up innocently* Well you took your time! They'll be calling our flight soon. Do you want a milkshake? *I have a thin smudge of chocolate round my lips, because I've had three so far this morning.*

Atti: Hey! *I laugh, catching his head and glancing at the waiter, smiling sweetly, then looking down into Orlando's upturned face* If you had warned me in some way other than a note on a journal I might have been here earlier! What if I hadn't seen it? And you don't answer your phone when it's important, you wanker. *I'm still grinning though, leaning down to lick the chocolate lightly from his lips* I think you've had enough chocolate for both of us, pet. *I pause* And thank you, for this. For arranging it.

Orli: *I blush as he licks my face it a public place, then spring up, catching his hand and starting to pull him toward the metal detectors* My phone hasn't been working right. I just woke up this morning and wondered if it was raining in Germany, booked tickets, left a message for your mother...don't worry, she called back...waited for you to go out shopping and did a runner. *grinning, I lean my head on his shoulder*

Atti: *I note the blush and smile sheepishly* ::Sorry, couldn't resist:: *I let him drag me towards the detectors* Do you have my ticket too? *He shouldn't have been able to get that without me present, but I've stopped questioning his natural powers of persuasion ages ago* You talked to mum? *I shake my head--when he gets it in his mind to do something...* You're quite impressive when you want to be, do you know that? *I wrap an arm around him and kiss the top of his head*

Orli: *I know the airport is hardly the place to be indulging in PDA, but he's usually the one stopping me, so when he starts it's only moments before I'm curled round him* Yes, I have your ticket. The girl at the desk was -very- nice. Her name is Lisa, she's thirty one and a pisces. Your mum is making up the spare room. Did you bring any sex toys? I always feel weird taking them through metal detectors.

Atti: *I feel like I shouldn't have started this downhill slide, that we'll be reading about ourselves (or at least about him and that guy he was with) in the tabloids tomorrow...but I just can't help it, so I kiss him properly, then chuckle* Flirting with you, was she? Well who can blame her. *I nearly choke I'm laughing so hard when he asks about sex toys* No baby, I left those at home--I figured we could do without them while we were gone, or just buy more. Quite honestly it didn't even cross my mind.

Orli: Oooh! We can buy more! *pleased with this result, I give my bag to the lady security officer with a huge grin, handing over my coins and watch with a* Hi, how are you? *and proceeding to chat til I get them back the other side*

Atti: *I watch him, just smiling and shaking my head. He never meets a stranger, and it's part of what I love about him. I follow suit, emptying my pockets and letting my bag go through, more subdued...but that's my nature after all, the lineage I come from. I gather my things and wait for him to stop talking the ear off of the security guard, finally grabbing his arm and gently guiding him away with a grin*

Orli: Maybe pisces have a natural flair for airport work, do you think? That's two now. Personally, I think I should have been a leo. Or maybe part Leo part Pisces Part Sagittarius. But I don't think that's possible. Do you think you suit your starsign? Do you want to get any magazines or sweets?

Atti: *Oh my god...I'm half tempted to ask if he got into the catnip* How many shakes did you have? *I inquire as he rambles on* And I don't know, you tell me if you think my star sign suits me, as I'm sure you will anyway. *I glance over at the newstand* Maybe a few magazines might be a good idea if we have time, but you don't need more sweets.

Orli: But I havn't had any sweets! Someone was reading a magazine and the back page had an advert for these new polos that are strawberry and cream flavour and look a bit like the creme savers they have in America, I want to find those. I don't think we'll have time to read any magazines anyway. But you can get me some if you want. *Squeezing his hand, my roving gaze locates the newsagents and I bounce off in that direction* Are you excited?

Atti: What do you call a chocolate shake? *I call after him, having no choice but to follow him now...and knowing that keeping him from buying candy will be next to impossible* Well if you won't read them, I won't bother picking them up. *I smile a bit, nodding* Yes, I knew how much I wanted to go visit my family. *I give him a squeeze from behind* I'm going to have to tie you into your seat though aren't I?

Orli: A drink. *I smile warmly as he catches up with me, and present him with four family bags of assorted sweets, because I couldn't decide* Oooh. You could ask the air hostessed for those padded handcuffs they use on air rage passengers. That would be kinky. I wonder if they let you buy them.

Atti: Orli... *I laugh, taking the bags with a shake of my head* I think we might not want to start that particular story for them...but we could get some for home if you like. And you don't need all this candy! You'll be intollerable.

Orli: I won't eat it all at once! *I protests, snuggling up to him again and tracing a hand down his chest* We can share it. Mmm...*Leaning in, I kiss and nuzzle his neck, squirming a bit* Do you want to visit the toilets before we go?

Atti: *God he's tempting, he's always tempting. I groan softly, then chuckle* I thought you said our flight left soon? *I ask, as I guide him towards the cash register, already reaching for my wallet*

Orli: We'd only need a few minutes. *I smile at the man behind the counter, dropping off my goods and adding a handfull more from the selection of gum and chocolate at the till. Then running over to scoop up a random armful of magazines and depositing them too* Or we could use the toilet on the plane...

Atti: *I give him a look because of the look the guy at the counter is giving us* ::You're impossible, you know that?:: *I pay for everything he's just plopped down, taking the bag with a thank you...very tempted to let him drag me into the loo* You're serious aren't you?

Orli: I'm horny. *I whine, rubbing against him* And it's your fault because I wasn't horny at all before you got here.

Atti: I'm actually going to take that as a compliment *I state matter of factly, though he's quickly putting me in a similar state by rubbing against me like that.* You're evil, you know that? *It's not a refusal though*

Orli: I know. *I nod seriously* You can tell George Bush that I keep my weapon of mass destruction in my pants.

Atti: *I groan* did not just say that... *I pull him close and kill him* Lead the way, I'm yours to do with as you please, but you knew that.

Orli: I'm going to call it that in future. My weapon of mass destruction. *I take his hand and again lead the way, backing through the swing doors* You have to call it that too. I've always thought it needed a name.

Atti: It doesn't need a name, baby, believe me... *I let him pull me through the door, trying to kiss him again* And especially not that name.

Orli: *I let him kiss me, pushing him up against the door and knocking the things out of his hands as I more or less climb him, one hand pressing against his crotch and rubbing him through his jeans*

Atti: *I push him back though, laughing softly...caught between desire and prudence* Let's at least go into a stall *I laugh, tangling a hand in his hair*

Orli: *I whine, but move to obey quickly, tugging my belt open, followed by the fly of my jeans and waiting while he gets our stuff together, calling 'I love you!' out of the cubicle*

Atti: *Thank god no one is in here, and I can only hope it stays that way, or at least no security personel. I move into the stall, immediately kissing him again, noticing he's already all but got his jeans off* ::You're a bad influence::

Orli: I know. *I giggle, kissing him hard, then pushing him back again as I drop to my knees and work his jeans open* Don't tell your mother. *first my hand slips inside, then I lean forward, mouthing him through the thin fabric, letting my teeth drag.*

Atti: *I moan as I feel his mouth on me, his teeth, bracing myself against the stall* ::No, there are certain things one doesn't tell their mother...jesus Orli...:: *One hand tangles in his dark curls, but letting him set his own pace...unless he tries to tease too much*

Orli: *I'm not teasing, because I know time is of the essence. It's not long before I've pulled his boxers down and taken him fully into my mouth, purring round his length like the cat that got the cream. My hands grip his backside, pushing him against me and getting a squeeze in at the same time*

Atti: *When he starts purring, I groan, but bite my lip and try to be quiet...he's entirely too good at this. My hips thrust slightly into his mouth, at this rate he'll push me over the edge in no time at all...which is for the best. I moan low in my throat, which turns into a soft growl, a purr rumbling loudly in my chest*

Orli: *I pull back just a bit to concentrate on the head of his cock, running my tongue around the ridge and flicking teasingly across the slit. Taking him deep again, I feel that familiar pulsing...and pull back altogether.* Uh uh uh! *I waggle my finger as I squirm to my feet, push my jeans round my knees, and bend over the cistern*

Atti: Orlando! *I growl when he pulls back, trying to pull him back to finish what he started. When I see what his intentions are though, I just smirk, moving in behind him quickly. One hand grips his hip as my other reaches around to stroke his cock* ::Are you ready for me kitten?::

Orli: Always...*I yelp as he touches my already aching cock, bucking against his hand and whimpering* Always always always. Please!

Atti: *My hand grips more tightly around his cock as I slide a knee between his thighs to spread his legs further. With no further warning or preparations, I position myself and enter him fully with one thrust--very nearly coming right then from the feel of him surrounding me. A shudder runs through me as I try to hold back just a few moments longer, lowering my head to his shoulder to bite down rather hard. My thumb rubs hard over his slit, tryign to drive him to the edge as well*

Orli: *I growl, bending over further and pressing my forehead to the wall as he enters me roughly, my inner muscles clamping hard around him and -god- it's like my nerves are on fire. I reach for him with my mind, wanting to feel what he feels, the same shudders rocking my body, and I'm mewling softly for more*

Atti: *When he reaches out, it's as natural as breathing, and I link with him effortlessly...letting him inside, to feel everything I'm feeling, and to let what he's feeling was over me as well. I start to thrust harder into him, pulling nearly all the way out of him before plunging in again. I angle properly so that I can hit his prostate with every inward movement--the movements of my hand matching my thrusts*

Orli: *The constant friction against my sweet spot getting so intense I can barely hold myself up any more, I turn my head just a little so I can see him over my shoulder. I want to see him* Atti...*I gasp softly, eyes warning that I'm seconds from losing it*

Atti: ::Let go:: *I whisper into his mind, pounding harder into him...very nearly there, so fucking close. My hand speeds up on his cock, knowing how close he is without the warning* ::Now...come on baby::

Orli: *And the permission is all I need, spilling into his hand with a cry I don't even try to hold back, just as he instructs me to. My body spasms, clencing around his cock, milking his climax from him*

Atti: *As if I wasn't close enough, the clench of his body around me sends me over the edge...and I come hard, bucking into him, biting hard on his shoulder again, nails digging into his hip*

Orli: Atti! *I bite my lip as I feel his release, hot and slick inside me. Moving back against him a couple of times, I finally turn and curl into his arms, purring* Attiattiatti...

Atti: *When he leans against me, I fall back against the door of the stall a bit, wrapping my arms around him and kissing his lips lightly* definately keep things interesting *I gasp breathlessly, stroking his hair*

Orli: Thats why you love me, right? *I smile and lick his neck, as a message comes over the tannoy* Would passengers Ixi, Bloom and Schneider please make their way to gate number seven.

Atti: *I groan when I hear our names, but laugh, pushing him away gently* Come on, let's make ourselves presentable and catch our flight.
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