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[This takes place a few days ago.]

Elijah: *the phone call I'd made to Liv earlier has been on my mind for the last hour or so. So I've been pretty quiet all through dinner, then clearing up, and now sat in the couch watching television. Some film. I'm not really paying attention. I can't stop thinking about the phone call or Liv for that matter. She was so upset. I'm not sure I've ever heard her so upset before. I wish I had known what to say or do. To help. But I hadn't and that's even more frustrating* Dom? *turning around on the couch to face him, my legs crossed* I called Livvie earlier.

Dom: *I look up from the magazine I'm leafing through and put it down on my lap.* Oh yeah? *I know you've been quiet all evening, but I'm still assuming its from the episode in the grocery store, though we never did get any answers as to who or what or why. You have been calmer, which is always a good thing, but your tone when you say you've talked to Liv, it gets me wondering.* How are things? She and Marton doing all right, then?

Elijah: *I shake my head, reaching over and picking up the remote, clicking off the television because the noise is annoying me* No. Not really. Some stuff is going on with them. And their families. *I sigh heavily, fingers twisting together in my lap* God, she was so upset on the phone, Dommie. She was in tears and I -really- didn't know what to do!

Dom: *OK, this is interesting* Upset? *I put down the magazine and push myself closer to you on the couch, since I can see that whatever this is, it's already got you upset.* What did she say? What about their families? *I just talked to Liv the other day and she was fine. Remembering now, that was when I also started getting those sensations that something was amiss somewhere, like I got in the market when we talked about Liv and Marton.* What's happened that she's so upset?

Elijah: Their families don't want them together basically. It's an elemental thing I think. You know, she's water, he's fire. They aren't allowed, or they're not meant to be together. *all I keep thinking about is Liv. I keep hearing her crying. It was such a horrible thing to listen to* She was so upset, Dom. And I pressed her into telling me what was wrong. She was okay before I started drilling her about what was going on and then she started crying.

Dom: *Listening, I can see the expression on your face change when you get to the part about you pushing her into telling what was wrong, and I scoop you up, pulling you to hold against me.* Lij, it's not your fault. She was upset anyway, and you were being concerned. I doubt she's annoyed at you for caring. Just, obviously, an emotional thing for her right now. *I contemplate this a bit now, as you tell me what’s been going on.* So how did you leave it with her? What's she doing?

Elijah: *I slide an arm around you, resting my head against your shoulder, needing to be held right now because I feel so bad, so guilty for upsetting Liv more* We left it okay, I guess. I sort of cut the call short. Marton's with her anyway. He's making her dinner and she said they're going to have a night of cuddling. *I smile a little* They're not going to leave each other. I think they're going to fight their families and be together.

Dom: *Tucking my head to kiss you on the top of yours, I smile a bit, and hold you close* Well, that's good. That they aren't letting anyone else dictate what they do. I'm sure somehow they'll find a way... and we're here for them as well. *And your episode... was this what it was about? feeling Liv's emotional pain? Is that what I was feeling? God, I really hate the not knowing. I kiss again and breathe in the scent of your hair.* How are you feeling, by the way? *It's the first I've asked this afternoon since getting back up.. not wanting to seem 'overly' concerned, because I know how you get when you think I worry too much.*

Elijah: Yeah, I said if they needed anything then they knew where we were. I just hope nothing bad comes of them fighting for what they want. *I sigh softly when you ask how I'm feeling. Tilting my head a little to press a kiss just under your ear* You've been dying to ask me that question ever since we got up earlier haven't you? I'm alright, you know. The sleep helped I think.

Dom: *Smiling at you* Well, yes, yes I have but... I waited so... *I squeeze you a bit* Didn't want to seem too overprotective there. But I figured you were a little better. You look it, at least.

Elijah: I probably look like shit when I'm having an "episode" huh? *I smile weakly. I've been trying not to think about it too much to be honest, well until now at any rate, I guess we're going to have to talk about it* And you know, I'm kind of getting used to you being protective of me.

Dom: You don't look "like shit", Lij. I think that’s pretty difficult for you in any capacity. But... *sighing and resting my head against yours* you look pained... like, it's taking everything out of you. Like... just like its got to be one of the most awful things. *Then I smile, about the protective comment* And I'm glad you're getting used to me being the way I am. You're important to me - of course I'm going to care.

Elijah: *poking him playfully and gently in the chest* I'd better be important to you or there'll be trouble, Monaghan. *I smile and kiss his chin* I probably look pained because.. yeah, it does take everything out of me. It hurts not just physically but emotionally as well. It's horrible feeling someone else's emotional pain like that. If they're happy then it's great. I love that. It's the bad emotions I can't stand.

Dom: Pretty intense. *Really, I think that’s all that can describe it. Feeling someone else's emotions like that. Our own emotions are enough as it is, sometimes.* But it must really be neat to be overwhelmed with good feelings though. I mean, at least there's a good side to it all - but yeah... *kissing tenderly* I hate seeing you go through that. But all the same, Lij... it's a truly remarkable thing to be able to do.

Elijah: I guess so. *I shrug a little, looking away from him* But you don't have the ability to do it so you don't really know do you? *hmm, okay, that was a little harsh. But earlier events are still getting to me a little. No one can really know what it's like unless they experience it and at the moment I'm really hating my ability for what I was feeling this afternoon* Sorry. *I mumble* I didn't mean to get snappy.

Dom: 'S all right. *I squeeze him a bit. I guess, really, he's right, though.* Didn't really mean to be insensitive. Just... *I sigh. I want to bring up again that we need to find a way to control this, make it so when these extreme emotions start happening he can switch them off before they cause him so much trauma, but I don't. Maybe later.* I know its very different from what I have. I guess its all frustrating in its own way, though I can't say I've ever had the emotional pain that you do. *I think back to what I 'do' get, though, and yeah, frustrating at times to the point of nearly driving me mad - what to do, what instinct to listen to, which voice. But again... none of that usually causes "pain" per se.*

Elijah: You weren't being insensitive. *I curl up, trying to get a little closer to him* It's just, it's getting to me a little, that's all. *I just wish I could figure out what was going on. If I could do that everything would be fine, I could work on starting to control it better for one* I'm glad you were there today. *I don't know what I would have done if I'd been in the grocery store on my own. At least the first time it happened I'd been at home. Granted, I'd been alone but I hadn't been out in public*

Dom: Yeah. *I whisper, thinking the same thing. People wouldn't understand... besides the fact that to someone who hasn't a clue, well... he probably looks as though something is 'physically' wrong, and that couldn't be furthest from the truth. And so many people find no truth in any of what we call "ability".* Lij...

Elijah: *I'd been playing with a small thread on the end of his shirt when he says my name. Raising my head to look at him, I smile a little, wondering what he's got on his mind* Yeah, what is it?

Dom: *I let my head lean back, rubbing his arm some.* We have to do something about this. *sighing* I know... we've talked about it before but... *hesitating, not wanting to get you started again but... I really think its important* ... we really need to see what we can do about this. To help you. *I tuck my head and kiss his.* I mean, you don't even know who's emotions you were feeling, unless... unless it was Liv, which is probably a possibility. But still...

Elijah: I know. I know. *I sigh. He's right of course. I -do- need to figure this out. I need to get it sorted. Find out why it's happening. Anything. I guess I've been putting it off because nothing really bad, like this afternoon, has happened in a while, and I'd just been enjoying spending my time with Dom, not wanting my problems or anything to disrupt that* You're right... * I'm about to say something else when what he said about Liv sinks in. Could that be a possibility? I mean, really?* Do you... I mean, Liv... but I wasn't anywhere near her.. but then I guess... *fuck, I don't know what I'm trying to say*

Dom: Well... It's just an idea but, why the hell not? *I answer as I rub my eyes. God, this is all really stressful, even after the fact.* You're feelin' weird, I'm feelin' weird.... now she's acting weird... just because you aren't near her, well... I've read plenty of accounts of empaths whose ability was more dependant on their relationship with the person, and not physical location.

Elijah: But... *my ability has usually worked more due to physical location. But what if he's right. What if my ability has grown or is growing and the couple of episodes I've had of feeling someone I didn't know or were no where near, well, what if I did know them, what if I -have- been feeling people I was really close to emotionally?* Okay, so the two of us have felt "things" and Liv went through "something" today.... *I trail off, shaking my head. I can't take that in*

Dom: *I sense his confusion and tension in this whole thing and squeeze him, then reposition a bit so I can see him straight on.* It was just an idea, but yeah, it could make sense. *I offer a little smile, knowing how much talk like this upsets him* I guess we wont know for sure, really, until we start paying more attention to when it happens, and to whom. If we can even find that out.

Elijah: *I furrow my brow, trying to figure this out. It does make a lot of sense.... I guess...* I don't see how we'd do that. Well other then call everyone up to know if they're alright. *I sigh softly* Okay, so say you're right. Do you think there's a way to learn how to..... you know, *trying to think of the right words* figure out who I'm feeling? I mean, there has to be right? *Because I sure as hell haven't got a clue right now. I can't even get my head around the possibility that my ability might have grown. Without my knowledge*

Dom: *I contemplate that thought a moment or two* I don’t think it'll be easy... but I think its important enough to put the effort in. Maybe start by keeping a journal of every time something happens... and we try to keep in contact with everyone we know that conceivably might affect you - anyone that you consider a loved one...

Elijah: *I nod, listening to him. I'm so glad I have him, I think I'd probably be screwed if I hadn't to deal with this completely on my own* Okay. I think that's probably a good idea. *I consider quite a few people "loved ones", mind. And to think, if that really was Liv's emotions, that I'd been feeling earlier... jesus, it was so intense and what she was going through was horrible. I wish this wasn't happening. I could just about cope with feeling peoples emotions when they were in a close vicinity, but starting to feel them from afar too, I'm not sure I can deal with it.*

Dom: *The look on his face troubles me, and I smile weakly again, then offer a comforting kiss.* Hey... we'll figure it out, all right? *I rest my forehead against his as we sit close* Might take a while but... what else have we got to do in the mean time, right? *smirking* We'll start doing some research maybe - see if there are people we can talk to or connect with that have more experience with this. I'll help. I promise. *Sighing deep, I close my eyes, hoping that the answer really is out there, because someone such as Elijah certainly does not deserve a 'curse' rather than an ability. I want to do whatever I can for him. I can only think this is why we were eventually brought together in the first place - to help each other.*

Elijah: I know you will, thank you. *I smile a little and shift myself just that tiny bit closer, my arms wrapping themselves around him, so I can just hold him. I knew he'd help me, I never doubted he wouldn't and I'm very thankful for that. Very.* I love you. *I murmur and rest my head against his shoulder*

Dom: Love you too, Lij, *I say with a little smile and a flutter in my heart.* So much.
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