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Liv Tyler

Liv cries and Marton gets angry

Livvie: *i'm curled up on my bed, shaken, scared, crying. that whole... thing with my family just tore me up and spat me out. i don't know what to do, what to think, and marton's not here. where is he? i want him. I can't have him and i want him.*

Marton: *hates my family with nearly all of my being right now. For the first time in nearly six millenia, I'm happy... and they want to take that away from me. I sighed, thinking about what they've said and decide I can't be without Liv. I concentrate on her, and appear in the hall outside her room*

Livvie: *is crying my heart out right now. i can't, can't, can't, can't do this. I can't. I won't give him up. never, never, never. muffling my sobs in my pillow, shoulders heaving. i hate them. i hate them for doing this to me. i hate them*

Marton: *hears you crying and realizes your family must have given you the same ultimatum. Cease and desist this abomination. I sigh again, and gently knock on the door* Liv...

Livvie: *chokes out in between sobs* M-m-marton? Is that you? *shuddering, what do i tell him? god. what do i do? i'll never leave him. Never.*

Marton: Livvie... may I come in? *softly, my heart breaking, but I won't give her up*

Livvie: *looking up, watching the door, clutching the pillow to me, face tear-stained* You know you never have to ask that. Please. *crying in earnest* I need you.

Marton: *pushes the door open, my heart going out to you when I see how upset you are* Livvie... *hesitates for only a moment before I cross teh room and gather you in my arms*

Livvie: *clutches at you tightly. afraid to let you go. is afraid you'll vanish, disappear. go away. never wants you to leave ever. buries my face against you, crying hard*

Marton: *Oh geez... what did they do to you?* Shh... Liv... I'm here... it's okay, love. *soothes you, tries to calm you down*

Livvie: *huddles against you* I'll never give you up. Ever. *sobbing. can't stop crying*

Marton: Love... I'm here, I'm here... *gathers you in my arms and shift so that I'm sitting on the bed*

Livvie: *stammering out, sobbing* They want to make me let you go. They want me to leave.

Marton: *feels a pain in my heart* I know... my family... *bitter filled voice* They want me to leave you, too.

Livvie: *voice trembling, looking up at you, terrified that you'll leave* W-will... will you? *tears streaming down my face*

Marton: *brushes your tears away with my thumbs, pressing my lips against your forehead* Never.

Livvie: *holding on to you tightly. vows* Neither will I. I don't want you to leave. *sob* I was so happy.

Marton: I was too... I AM happy. *holds you tightly* Happier than I've ever been.

Livvie: *curls up against you, sniffling* So.. so what happens now.

Marton: *sighs softly* I don't know, love. *slides further onto the bed, cuddling you in my lap* Liv... I love you. I'm never leaving you.

Livvie: *snuggles close, sobbing my heart out, clinging on to you*

Marton: *grits my teeth angry at our families, angry that you're hurting, I brush my lips across your forehead, soothing you*

Livvie: *curls up into your warmth. is soothed by it, as it has been a steady presence by my side every night. i never want to give this up. i never will*

Marton: Dammit! *mutters under my breath* 6,000 years and they do this...

Livvie: *wiping at my eyes, resolving to stop crying. chokes out* What are you talking about?

Marton: *sighs, holds you tighter* I've told you how we were ... created, yes? Just.. umm... appeared, so to speak.

Livvie: *nods* Yes. *resting head in the crook of your neck and shoulder*

Marton: There isn't a hierarchy... there isn't one GrandMaster Djinn over us... we're all basically the same. A .. A Collective, if you will.

Livvie: *nods* Okay. And? *sniffs a little, wiping my tears away determinedly*

Marton: In 6,000 years I've never been called to task for anything I've done. Some of my brothers... they like to pick on humans... and they've never been called to task. I've done every damn little thing... and this one time... *grits my teeth, a fist full of sheets in my hand until I see the material start to smoke and I let go* Ah, shit, Livvie... I'm sorry. *looks at the burn mark*

Livvie: *shakes my head, sniffing a little more* Th-th-that's okay. *rubs a hand over the burn mark, cooling the fabric so it stops smoking. holds on to you fiercely with my other arm* I won't let you go.

Marton: I"m not letting you go, either. *looks up* HEAR THAT??? *holds you tightly, half expecting something horrible to happen*

Livvie: *holds on more tightly* Hear what? *scared to death. trembling with fear in your arms*

Marton: Oh... *kisses your forehead* Shh... it's okay. I was telling them.... Never mind. *leans back against your pillows, pulling you with me* Shh... it's going to be okay, love. You'll see.

Livvie: *still trembling. had been frightened to death when I was called, and am now even more terrified. starts crying again*

Marton: Liv... shh... Livvie... *gently wipes your tears away wtih my thumb, then tilts your head up to kiss your lips gently* I love you.

Livvie: I love you too. *shudders and clutches at you* I can't let you go. I'd be so alone. I'd be so alone... *crying in earnest*

Marton: Liv... *kisses you more* Shhh... you need to stop crying, love. I'm right here... I'm not going anywhere.

Livvie: *sobbing* I can't stop. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. *burying my face in your shoulder*

Marton: *rocks you in my arms, whispering words of love and comfort*

Livvie: *quieting down, still apologizing* I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Marton: Shhh... don't apologize, love.

Livvie: *still shaking from my sobs* I won't let you go. *curling closely against you*

Marton: I know you won't... and I won't let you go.

Livvie: *marginally comforted by that. doesn't know what else to do. i'm really a young elemental, but their standards, and am low on the feeding chain. even worse, I'm not a full elemental, only half elemental. i'm nothing to them. i have no protection against them, now that my mother has turned against me. closes my eyes and takes what comfort i can get from you*

Marton: *rocks you again, kissing your forehead, your cheeks, your nose, your lips, whispering softly to you*

Livvie: *sighing* I wish nothing had to change. I wish we were alone in the world. I just wanted to be left alone.

Marton: *small smile* If we were alone in the world, there's a good chance that we'd never have met.

Livvie: *curling up against you, absorbing your warmth* I just want to be alone with you.

Marton: Mmm... *kissing your brow again* I just want to be alone with you, too.

Livvie: *snuggles closely, shaky smile* Really? *half unbelieving, thinking of everything I'd been told, that you were using me. using me against my family. that i was nothing*

Marton: Liv... look at me. *raises your face to meet your eyes* Look at my eyes and tell me you don't believe me.

Livvie: *slowly looks up at you. doubt in my eyes. doubt that's been festering because of what i'd been told*

Marton: Liv... *hurt by the doubt in your eyes, but determined that you should believe in me* I love you. I want to be with you, no matter what our families say.

Livvie: *nods wanting to believe you so much. staring into your eyes, trying so hard to see*

Marton: *cups your face, kisses you softly*

Livvie: *kisses you back, tentatively at first, then with more emotion*

Marton: *kisses you a bit harder, then lets you set the pace*

Livvie: *kissing you with everything I feel for you, all the depth of my love comes out in this kiss*

Marton: *holds you to me tihgtly, relieved that you finally believe me*

Livvie: *softly* I love you.

Marton: I love you, Liv.
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