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Fun with produce...

Elijah: *Dominic and I are being rather domesticated today. We're going grocery shopping. We seriously need to as well, considering our fridge and freezer are looking a little bare, plus we've been ordering take out the last few nights because there is just nothing to eat. Which is pretty bad really. I personally blame Dom and his stomach for the lack of food in the apartment, though he would beg to differ and say it was mine. I don't think we'll ever agree on that argument. Anyway, we've just pulled up into a parking space in the car park and before Dom's even switched off the engine, I'm out, saying that I get to push the trolley, sticking my tongue out at him as I shut the passenger side door, then bouncing off to find one*

Dom: *Ah, yes... domestic bliss. I laugh as Lij sticks his tongue out at me, then race after him as he grabs a trolley, but yeah, he can push it. I've got other things in mind. Like the produce section, which is conveniently always the first section that one must pass through on their way through the grocery. In a bit of a mood today, a little cranky from tossing a bit overnight, and so I'm just in an odd frame of mind. I think it's time to have a little fun with fruits and veggies to see if I can't get my normal good mood back.* So... what do we need, Lij? What do you feel like having in the house?

Elijah: *happily pushing the trolley, I contemplate his question for, oh, three seconds* Pizza. *I nod* We need pizza. Must have pizza. *considering pizza could be classed as take out, I have no idea why I'm saying it. I just fancy it that's all. I also have a feeling that, that isn't the answer Dom is looking for, considering we are no where near the frozen section where the pizza's will be, we're in fruit and veg and you can't get pizza in the fruit and veg section*

Dom: Yeah, OK. Pizza. That's all the way on the other side, though. We'll get that later. *Perusing the produce selections, not actually looking for something we want to eat, but rather, something that I know will get a reaction instead* How about these? *OK, I know Austin Powers has done it, and Monty Python's done it, but come on... we're in a grocery! How can I help myself? So now Dom Monaghan's doing it too. I turn toward him holding a couple of cantaloupes at perfect chest height, keeping a serious face as if I really want to know.* You want these?

Elijah: *I stop the trolley, and lean forwards on it, blinking at him. I'm trying to decide whether to laugh at him or roll my eyes. I wonder how many people have done that joke before?* I don't know are they soft? *I don’t even like cantaloupe. And I'm almost positive that he doesn't really want them, either.*

Dom: *Looking down at one of the fruit in my hands.* Umm... well this one is kind of hard but... eh, never mind. *I snicker and put them back as we move on, and I grab a few things for actual consumption. And then we come to... the bananas. Let the cheesy jokes continue.* Hey... what about some bananas? *I grab a small bunch and pick a single one off, then proceed to do "things" with it. At this rate, I think we're going to be in here all day, as I prop it as a nose, then as a telephone by my ear, then give Lij a rather 'suggestive look' before letting a little smirk through before putting the bananas in the trolley.* I like bananas. I want some. *nodding and moving onward.*

Elijah: *it's so very hard to not giggle at him. So very, very hard. He's so goofy sometimes. Guess it's one of the reasons why I love him. And at least the fruit and veg seem to be cheering him up a little... which is a little odd, but good.* You.... disturb me, Dominic. You and the bananas. *eyeing them as you put them into the trolley, then following along behind him*

Dom: *I laugh to myself* Ah, yes but... would you want me if I were.... 'normal'? *I reach out and show him a rather well-endowed zucchini squash, only having to pull a face at this point to get you giggling more. Then I follow it by holding up one, single green bean, and keep walking, putting the occasional item in the trolley.*

Elijah: *I giggle, shaking my head at him and just trail along behind him, pushing the trolley. I'm not even paying attention to what he's placing into the trolley, I'm just too busy watching him. He's so cute sometimes. I'm not sure I'll tell him that though.* Define 'normal'?

Dom: *Ok, well... enough with produce, and we've got a few things so we can pretend like we're eating healthy at least for a couple of days. We start going up and down the aisles for other items, and as I quiet and concentrate, I get hit with that sensation again, right about the same time I think of my earlier call from Liv.* So, yeah... Liv and Marton have become quite the couple I see. *smiling as I walk beside Elijah.*

Elijah: Yeah. *I agree, smiling at him, then leaning forwards on the trolley once more as we walk along* Well she seems happy enough whenever I see her so... yeah. *looking down into the trolley* We need bread. Oh and some milk. I'm glad she's happy.... *I trail off, smile fading a little, my senses picking up... something.. from him? It's hard to tell in a place like this, so many people around, it could be from anyone but as I'm closest to him, it's probably him* Are you alright, Dommie?

Dom: Hmm? Yeah... yeah, umm... *I place some cans of soup in the trolley as we keep moving* Was just thinking though... when I was talking to Liv, had the oddest sensation come over me... *I think more as we walk* and it all just sort of popped back just now, right when I thought of her. *sighing as we head toward frozen foods* I hope nothing's wrong. Your pizza should be down this way.

Elijah: *I frown then, wondering what it could be, if anything. If you're getting one of your feelings it could be something. I'll give her a call later when we get home. Just to check up on her* I hope so too. *I'm about to say more but the word 'pizza' filters through my thoughts* Pizza! *pushing the trolley faster, I lift my feet off the ground and let the trolley glide down the aisle*

Dom: *Chuckling as Elijah goes skating off, I scold him like a mother would her child* Elijah Jordan! Now you get back here and wait for me! *We meet at the pizza section and peruse the selections as if it were a life-altering decision. Then again, this is frozen pizza we're talking about here.* Oh...not that kind. I had pains for a day after the last time I ate that kind. *My mind is still a bit occupied with whatever else is going on, too, that I haven't quite figured out, as evidenced by my expression of deep thought.*

Elijah: Well what pizza -do- you want? *I slowly turn away from the pizza selection and face him, folding my arms across my chest* Dom, Liv is fine. Nothing is going to happen. She's got Marton with her. *I reach out, taking his hand and holding his fingers lightly, swinging our hands just a bit, and smiling at him* Stop worrying and choose what pizza you'd like.

Dom: *I check all the types of frozen pizza carefully* This kind is all right. Want to try it? *Showing him a package* And I'm not really... worried. I just hate it when I can't get a handle on what I'm feeling. *Contemplating more* See? Perfect excuse why I need to get better training at this.

Elijah: That'll do. *taking the box from him and dropping it into the trolley. Pizza's pizza. It's all good in my book* You're not going to start the whole celibate thing again are you? *I tease, dropping his hand* We need alcohol, Dom. Lots of alcohol. We should go to the alcohol section right now. *starting to push the trolley again* You'll start getting a better handle on your ability, I know you will.

Dom: *Smirking at you* No, I think we've already proven that I need to come up with somewhere else to generate the concentration from. *following along now as I'm being lead elsewhere. We pass by the cold section and the meats.* Oh, Lij... look here... *a stupid grin reaches my lips as I spot fresh chickens, reminding me of the other day when I was watching Julia - just because it was on. I don't know why, but she amuses me. Maybe because I'm a Brit too, and I still can't understand a bloody thing she's saying. Trying to cook from one of her recopies must really be a treat.* Shall we get a chicken? I can make *mumbling something nonsensical in my best Julia impression*

Elijah: *laughing at his impression* Sure you can make that. I'm sure I'll love it. *I usually like everything he cooks, one day I am so going to get him to teach me to cook because the best I can do is beans on toast* Come on. Stop getting distracted by the birds, we need alcohol. Priorities, Dominic, priorities. *before he can say anything, I'm pushing the trolley away and turning a corner, heading for the alcohol*

Dom: All right, all right... *I put the chicken down and let him drag me off again.* You're no fun. I was just saving the important part for last, you know... the Grande finale of the grocery? Oh... we forgot the milk and bread yet. Want me to run for them while you... peruse the spirits?

Elijah: Oh, yeah that would be good. *I smile at him, and glance around quickly, all is quiet in the alcohol section, so leaning forwards I kiss him quick* Now shoo, go fetch the bread and milk like a good boy. *I grin then and turn away, making my way slowly down the aisle, leaving the trolley where it is so I can peruse the alcohol without it getting in the way*

Dom: *Turning to go off in the other direction* Hey, and when we show up in the tabloids now, kissing in the grocery like a couple of domestic married people, I will hear no complaints! *I laugh as I go, because I love it. Make my way over and get the milk and bread, pick up a few other "missed" items along the way, and return with an armload. Important things like... stuff to put 'between' the bread.* So what did you pick? We getting monged tonight just for the 'ell of it, or were you going to make up an occasion? *Putting the items in the trolley I come over to help him look, looping my fingers in the belt loops of his jeans and hanging on.*

Elijah: *I've already put an assortment of spirits into the trolley, the usual vodka, whiskey that sort of stuff, oh and beer, and I'm now looking at the wine* Well, I was thinking that... *I pause picking up a bottle of red wine I'd been looking at, and I'm just about to turn around and show him when I'm hit full force with a rush of emotion. Fear, doubt, anger, frustration, hurt, heart ache. All at once. Causing me to drop the bottle onto the ground, nearly crying out in pain, my own and from the person I'm feeling, as I stumble backwards, thankful that Dom's got a hold of me as I probably would have fallen to my knees*

Dom: *I don't know how I manage to react as quickly as I do, but I just barely catch the bottle with one hand before it shatters on the floor, and with the rest of me I grab Elijah before he collapses. My eyes go wide and my heart beats fast in my chest.* Lij? Oh shit, Lij, are you all right? *I study his face, seeing the expression of pain and realize that he's probably reacting to something, someone... I put the bottle down and put my arms around him in support, ignoring whomever might be around, just worried about what's going on.* Lijah... what is it, love?

Elijah: *I can't even speak right now, all I can see is white flashes behind my eye lids from the excrutiating rush of emotion. The pain, oh god they're so hurt and the fear, god they're fucking terrified. What's going on? Who... why... Fucking hell make it stop. I don't want to feel this person's pain, the hurt and the heartache. I'm sobbing now, clutching at Dom's shirt, trying to tell him what's going on, what's wrong, but I can't, I can't do anything but feel what this unknown person is feeling right now*

Dom: *I hold Lij to me as he turns in to my chest, and he's so tense and wracked with pain, and I'm trying to think of what the hell to do here, what I can do here that will help, and I know my options are few.* Come on... lets get where we can get you sitting, Lij. *I abandon the trolley filled with groceries and lead him out of the market, he clinging to me the entire time as I try to not let too many people get a look at him or what's going on, and we make it back to the car. I get him sitting in his side, let him try to relax some, and squat down inside the door in front of him, rubbing his arm, his thigh, anything to try to be a little soothing.* Lij... just try to calm... what can I do?

Elijah: N-n-nothing. *I'm trying to calm down, trying to not feel it, but it's so hard, the emotions are so strong* They're s-so terr... terrified. *my breath hitches, I just want him to hold me, make it go away, make it stop* So hurt. *I'm sobbing again now because it's hurting me too, physically and emotionally, just having to go through this with this person is awful and there's nothing I can do for them. I don't know who it is, where they are, why I'm feeling their emotions, I really don't understand. Bringing my legs up onto the seat, I hug my knees to me, pressing my face into my knees, trying to calm down, trying to block everything and them out*

Dom: *I raise my hands, wanting to do something, frustrated because I can't do anything. I feel so bloody helpless, and that makes me feel even worse, even though I know there isn't anything I can do. God, and who? Someone here? Someone we know?* God, Lijah... *My expression becomes so worried. I lean forward so I'm a bit closer, as close as I can get with him in the passenger seat and me out, and hug him, pull him to me so I can hold him better.* Easy, babe... easy. *My heart breaks seeing him go through this.*

Elijah: *I uncurl just a bit and slide my arms around him, clinging and holding on tightly to him, my face pressed into the crook of his neck. Even though my eyes are squeezed tightly shut, tears still stream down my face, but I'm silent now, just letting the emotions run over me, shaking and too numb now to do anything but just feel them. After a few minutes the emotions of this person and my own emotions start to calm down, the pain and hurt is still there but there is also a sense of love, that they are loved and they love in return and that has a calming affect*

Dom: *I watch Elijah sympathetically as he experiences this, unable to even guess what it's like. I don't know how he deals with it - better answer, I can see that he barely does. We have to do something about this... he has to learn to control this. He can't go on like this, and with it getting more sensitive as time goes on. Not going to bring it up now, though. Just going to do whatever I can to be supportive, until we can get home and rest. We can talk about it more, later.*

Elijah: *my tears have dried up now, and after a few minutes more of calming down, I pull back, away from him, face tear stained. I can't feel the person anymore, all I know is that they calmed down too, they were still scared and hurting but they'd calmed down. I'm so confused and I have one mother of a headache* I want to go home. *I wipe the sleeve of my shirt across my cheeks, sniffing, then for some strange reason I remember we'd come here for food and move to get back out of the car* We need to get the groceries. *I'm kind of on auto pilot at the moment, trying to act normal, as if I'm fine, when in reality I'm anything but*

Dom: I can come again tomorrow - we'll survive another day without the groceries. *I gently push Lij back down. He said first he wanted to go back to the flat so, that's where we're going.* Go on, Lij. Get back in. We'll be home in a few minutes, and we can lie down, all right? *I lean in and kiss him on the forehead before shutting the passenger door and making my way around to the driver's side to get in.*

Elijah: *I start to protest but it's gets lost as Dom closes the passenger door. Sighing softly, I curl back up in the seat and buckle up my seat belt. I honestly do just want to go home. Take some pills, and try to sleep. I feel utterly exhausted after the emotional nightmare I'd just been through. I sigh again and look over at Dom as he climbs into the drivers side, then turning away I close my eyes, just wanting to block everything out*

Dom: *My heart kind of sinks as I watch him turn away, and for a moment I want to be upset for him, want to hurt for him, but then I recall last time, and how my pain made it that much worse for him, and so I rest my head on the seatback for a moment and breathe deeply, forcing myself to just... think about something else until I can look at him and not allow myself to hurt.* Lij... *Reaching out to Elijah, I squeeze his arm a bit before keying the engine and starting for home. My mind keeps thinking things as I drive, but I make sure that it stops there, and the thoughts don't become feelings, because I know he's too vulnerable to them right now.*

Elijah: *I keep my eyes closed and stay silent for the entire journey home, I don't want to think or feel or even look at anything, I don't want to look at Dom and see the pity and the sympathy in his eyes. And I know he's trying to not think, I -know- and I hate that. I hate that he can't feel things just because I'll feel it and it could 'hurt me'. I fucking hate it. I hate my ability. I'm absolutely loathing it right now. I wish I didn't have it. I wish it would just go away. So that I could have a normal life. Though really what is normal? I certainly don't know anymore.*

Dom: *When we reach the flat and park the car, I get out, then wait for Lij, and follow him up. Inside, I toss my keys and wallet down on the coffee table, then turn to him, waiting to see how things are - and whether I can hold him or not, whether he’s wanting that.* How you feelin'? Things any better? *I ask in a quiet, gruff voice, my expression sort-of blank as I'm managing to stay a certain amount of distant now, until I'm sure he can take feeling the concern in me.*

Elijah: *I stay silent a few minutes, just sort of fidgeting in my spot, looking at the ground. I know he's trying to keep his distance but I can feel his uncertainty, something I really don't like* A little. *I finally answer, voice soft, still staring at the ground and fidgeting* They've... *they? Who the fuck are 'they'?* calmed down a little now. *I can still sort of feel them, but not so much anymore, which to me is a good thing. As for how I'm feeling... I don't know, I'm feeling all sorts of things about myself right now, anger and hate being two of them* I have a headache.

Dom: *Smiling weakly, I walk over and pull him to me, holding him close. I'm calm now. I can do this now. I hope it helps. Burrowing my face into Elijah’s neck and kissing him there lightly, I don't say anything at first, just hold him, then rub his back soothingly.* Want to lie down then? *I can feel a little emotion surging in me, controlled though, and I have no clue if he feels it too or no.*

Elijah: *resting my chin on his shoulder, I nod, my voice tired when I speak next* Okay. *I don't move though, I stay right where I am, in his arms, letting him hold me, comfort me, feeling his concern and worry, wanting to say something to reassure him but I don't know what, because really what is there to say?*

Dom: *After a few more moments like this, I loosen the hug and start for the bedroom, leading him along, sitting him down on the bed. I go and draw closed the blinds, darkening the room some more, then kick off my sneakers and flop down on my side of the bed.* Come on. *Patting the bed softly* See if you can sleep it off some. *I smile warmly, trying to show him that I'm all right, that I can deal with this, now that I'm finally figuring out how, since it's gotten as intense as it has. It's taking practice, but I'm learning.*

Elijah: *I smile back, though it's some what forced, and after a few moments of just looking at him, I follow suit, toeing my own sneakers off and joining him properly on the bed, curling up as close as possible to him. Sleep will probably do me some good, even if it's just an hour, it'll help my headache. At least I hope so*

Dom: *When Elijah pushes himself close, I hold him loosely on the bed, nuzzling against him reassuringly. Neither of us say anything, we just feel our way from here. Nothing really to say. I caress him softly, letting myself relax as well, waiting for the calm of sleep to hopefully take him, even for just a short while. Whatever this was today, we'll talk about it later, but for now, rest. Just need rest.*
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