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Liv Tyler

Chocolate cakes are yummy

Liv: *I'm feeling excited and chipper today. my life's all good, and marton's with me. I'm so excited, and I haven't seen Dom in a while, so I decide to give him a call*

Dom: *Phone rings. Checking my watch, it's early yet. Lij is still asleep and I plan to let him keep sleeping so I switch the phone on as I shut the bedrooom door, so as not to disturb him.* Yellow! *I answer as I head back to the kitchen to put on some coffee for him when he does wake.*

Liv: Yellow is a lovely colour, but I much prefer brown, at this time of the morning. *laughs lightly as i dig into chocolate cake. yuum*

Dom: Brown? *I recognise Liv's voice anywhere* What a... dastardly colour on a bright day like today! *Chuckling into the phone* And how might we be on this morning, Miss Tyler? Happy as ever, I see?

Liv: It is not dastardly, Mr Monaghan, I quite fancy it in chocolate cake. *grins* And yes, I'm happy. Wonderful. Brimming with joy, you might say.

Dom: Oh, well... chocolate cake! *I start spooning out ground coffe into the maker.* That's a different story altogether. Should have said so in the first place! And yes, you sound very happy. What can I do you for today, my lovely?

Liv: I was just calling to say hello. *laughs* Hadn't heard from you in ages. I though I would drop in on the hobbit pair and see who I got.

Dom: Oh yeah, riiiight... *smiling* We havent caught up since the little get together at Viggo and Bean's place. Umm... we're good. Real good. Lij is sleeping right now. You?

Liv: I'm awake and eating chocolate cake. *smirk* And Marton's still abed, where I plan to join him, once I'm done with my lovely slice of fudge.

Dom: *Laughing lightly* What a life! Chocolate cake for breakfast, and then back to bed for... dessert, I suppose? *I get an evil thought as I pour water into the coffee machine now* You know, maybe you should bring that cake with you to bed, hmm?

Liv: *perks* Oh, I like that idea. You know, Dommie, sometimes, you just come up with the most magnificent ideas.

Dom: *I smile as I switch the machine on, and start to wipe off the counter of all the coffee I let drop.* Yes, I know, don't I? But Ikeep trying to convince Elijah of that. He just thinks I'm weird. Like the time I proved to him I could get rid of a low-grade headache with no medication whatso ever. *I''m listening to you and wtchign my hands, though my mind wanders back to that day with Elijah, and I can't help make myself laugh again*

Liv: Is that right? Perhaps you'd like to share this remedy with me?

Dom: Oh yeah, it's easy, love., *snickering* Sex. Great to raise endorphines, which act as natural pain killers. *I laugh a bit more, but my expression fades some now as I sense that 'feeling' that I get when something's going to happen. Can recognise it a mile away. So as we're still talking, I go to the bedroom and peek in on Lij. Still sleeping soundly. God, I hope it's not him, going to get another headache today.* So, umm... what else is happening, babe? You keeping Marton under control there?

Liv: *giggles* SEX?! I should have known. Nothing much really. Just... getting to know Marton better, you know? How's things at your end? Lij doing better? How is Lij.

Dom: Hey, you try it first before you laugh, missy! Then tell me I'm nuts! *I say with humour in my voice, though I'm sneaknig around the house righ tnow as if I'm expecting to find a burgler or soemthing, checking rooms and windows, trying to find something that might be out of place. It's always something, so, need to figure out what.* Lij is sleeping a bit better these days, yeah. And we've sort of decided together that we're going to try to learn how to better control our abilities, you know, so he can control his reactions, and for me, well... it would make me more able to get information rather than just have it... come to me (like it's doing right now), if you know what I mean.

Liv: *nods* I guess I can understand that... and Dom? Are you okay? You sound... kinda funny.

Dom: Yeah, yeah, umm... *checking Lij again, then stopping in the hallway, frustrated.* Just weird, you know, that we're talking about this stuff, and I'm just... I dunno... I've got that feeling again, but I haven't a clue as to why. I mean, lately, it's been about Lij, but he seems fine. Though of course, that doesn't necessarily mean anything right now but... *turning to look at him again from the doorway* I'm not feeling like it's him this time.

Liv: *worried now* What are you feeling like, Dommie? *has learnt to trust your feelings. oh god, I hope it isn't lijah or anybody that I know*

Dom: Hmm... *concentrating* Hard to tell. It's a vague feeling though, I mean... nothing really... *shaking my head* I mean, usually when I know ahead of time that Lij is getting one of his headaches, its even more acute than this but... this is kinda mild. Far off. Cant really wrap my mind aound it.

Liv: Huh. Weird. *ponders this, then decides not to worry about it* Well, I hope it isn't something too bad.

Dom: Yeah, me too. *peeking one last time at Lij when the smell of coffee brewing attracts my attention again. I make my way back to the kitchen* See what I mean, though? I should fine tune this. What good does it do if I can't figure out ahead of time who or what? *frowning as I pour myself a cup* But yeah, something'll probably make itself known, sooner or later. If it has anything to do with you or your chocolate cake, I'll be sure to give you a ring, then! *smickering*

Liv: *laughs* I doubt anything worse than hot sex will result from this chocolate cake, Dommie, but I'm sure you'll figure that out soon enough. *teasing*

Dom: You little vixen *I snicker* Well, I think you at least need to bring some of the frosting with you and surprise Marton with that. Would be fun! *I say matter-of-factly, nodding as I sip too-hot coffee*

Liv: Oh, I do plan to. Do you have any other salacious ideas? *grinning and shaking my head, demolishing my cake*

Dom: Nope. Thats it for now,. I'm all out of interesting ways to get laid, dearie, but when I come up with more, you'll be the first to know. *pondering* Oh, wait a second! Yes, I do have one more! *I laugh out loud this time* Claim that you need to become celibate. The resulting arguement will keep you in the bedroom the rest of the day!

Liv: Oooh! I don't know if I can do that with a straight face, but I'm sure I can try.

Dom: *laughing* Right, 'course not. I doubt you need to even try that, missy. But I was reading that the best way for me to enhance my capabilities was with unspent sexual energy so.. of course at the mere suggestion, I had one very unhappy Lij on my hands. *grinning* I thjink I need to find a differnt way to acheive that.

Liv: I think I agree, and I'm sure Elijah would have something to say about that.

Dom: Oh, yeah, he's had plenty to say about it already.

Liv: *laughs* Didn't work I bet?

Dom: Oh, well.. we sort of placed a little wager, which one of us could manage to hold out a week without sex and, *snickering* I think we called a draw on that one. We went from abstinance to bedroom in T-minus fifteen minutes!

Liv: *dies laughing, can't answer the phone*

Dom: Yeah, yeah, I know. But what can I say. The guy's irresistable. *smiling*

Liv: *laughing like crazy* You two are the limit!

Dom: *Laughing* Well, I'm so glad we entertain you, my dear! *I hear movement from the other room now - Lij must be getting up.* Speak of the devil, I think it lives!

Liv: *shaking my head and giggling* Well, I'll let you get back to your man, and I'll go back to mine then. It was nice talking to you, Dom

Dom: Yeah, babe. We need to go out some time, the four of us! *sipping my mug again as I lean on the counter* But yeah, give us a ring any time, love. I'll try to be better about it myself.

Liv: Sure thing! And yeah, we should all hang out together and such. Bye!

Dom: See you, Liv! Give Marton our best! *I wait until the call disconnects, then switch off the phone before making a mug of coffee just the way Lij likes it and bringing it in to him.*
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