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Dom: *So, everything going on with you has me thinking that maybe we both should be taking this more seriously. Finding out more about your ability, and how to control it. Been spending some of my free time surfing the web looking for information and have come up with some interesting things about empaths, as well as clairvoyants like myself. Funny... I know I'm a fairly strong one, but I never really considered before that I could be getting guidance on how to be even better. Would I even want that? Hmmm. Yeah, I might. More control, really. Would give me more of the ability to look for answers to my questions, rather than just wait for the haphazzard image or sensation to come to me. So that's what I'm doing this afternoon - reading more, book marking sites, learning a thing or two about my ability and yours when you come in and find me on the computer.*

Elijah: *I've slept a little, I've made myself something to eat, I'd listened to some music, I'd flicked the channels on the television for well over an hour and I'm still bored. Dom has been sat on the computer for ages, it's about time he paid me some attention instead of that machine. Yep. Climbing off the couch, I wander into the room that contains the computer and roll my eyes a little, I was sort of hoping he'd gotten off by now. Crossing the room I wrap my arms around his neck, from behind* Have you finished yet?

Dom: *Still clicking away and reading between clicks* Yeah, be done in a sec. *Silence for another ten minutes* Hey, you know... there's some really... interesting stuff here about empathy. Have you ever looked it up? I mean, all kinds of recounts of other people who are like you, and then there are apparently exercises that you can teach yourself to learn to control it all. You should take a look some time. I marked some pages for you. *Still scrolling the screen.*

Elijah: *holding back a sigh, I nod slowly, having not moved from my position for the last ten minutes, though I am now leaning on you a little* Yeah? Alright. Could be useful. I'll look at it later though okay? Have you finished now? *even though I can still see you scrolling down the page, my voice is hopeful and moving around you, to the front, I slide into your lap before you can protest*

Dom: *I adjust in the seat so you can face the screen and relinquish the mouse.* She's all yours. *leaning forward, I deliver a soft kiss to the back of your neck.* Want me to get up and give you the chair too, I suppose?

Elijah: What? *I'm confused at first until it's clicks as to what you're going on about* No. I don't want the computer. I couldn't give a damn about the computer. *shifting around in your lap a little so I can see him, though my eyes do keep glancing back to the computer screen. I'm a little curious to know what he's found out, if anything*

Dom: Oh, sorry then. Thought you wanted on. Umm... all right. So... what shall we do then? *I slip my arms around you and hold you against me. I notice you peeking repeatedly at the screen.* I found some stuff about my ability as well, too. Thinking about trying to find out more myself.

Elijah: Yeah? *I smile at him, wondering what he'd found, I'm always interested in hearing things about his ability* Did you find anything that could be useful? *wriggling around a bit more in his arms, I dip my head down, so I can place a soft kiss to his mouth*

Dom: *I meet the kiss, lingering with it a bit.* Well, yeah. Um... a couple of different viewpoints on becoming more trained so, for example, I can control the information that I want to gather, rather than the information simply just... popping into my head. That sort of thing. *I snuggle round his neck, trying to get comfortable in this stupid chair and cant, really. Computer chairs just weren’t made for two. Sometimes I wonder if they're really even made for one.*

Elijah: Control is good. *I nod, resting my head against his, glancing back over at the computer screen, letting my hands slide over his, and resting there* Okay, so are you going to try out some of these "training" techniques? Or are you still just looking?

Dom: *I shrug* Well... I haven’t finished looking. Probably I should decide to get serious first. *Teasing a bit now* One of the recommended training methods, to focus your energy, is apparently abstaining from sex, in order to use all that sexual energy to create chemical change in your brain. *I smirk*

Elijah: *wrinkling my nose up, I give him a somewhat amused look. I'm not sure I like the sound of that. In fact I know I don't! Abstaining from sex, indeed. I doubt he'd last five minutes.* Well, you are of course not going to attempt that are you?

Dom: *I smile against your head, kissing lightly in your hair* Why? Does that bother you? If I were to try to further my ability, and have to go without sex for a while, while I was trained? *I know already that this would drive you crazy, but I'm enjoying teasing about it.* They say that's the best way - to not have to waste focus on anything else... like sex. *My hand slides up and down your side a bit.* Hmm. I'd have to be really serious about wanting to improve myself though.

Elijah: *I narrow my eyes. Hmm. He's teasing* Yeah, you'd have to be -very- serious about it because you certainly wouldn't be able to last five minutes, Dominic Monaghan. *not sure I would either to be honest. The thought of not having sex would just make me want it more, but I'm not going to let him know this just yet. He's teasing, so I'm playing along.* But, you know, if you want to go ahead and try, be my guest, I'm not going to stand in the way of you maybe learning to be able to control your ability more. I'm sure I can find others ways to amuse myself.

Dom: Wait one second! *I smirk* You don't think I could have willpower enough, if I was serious, to concentrate on myself and not have sex.... even if it meant results like that? *Scoffing you* Sure I could. The whole point of it is training yourself, and concentration on other things, which transfers your spiritual and chemical energy. *I poke you in the slide playfully* I bet you couldn't, though.

Elijah: *making a disbelieving noise in the back of my throat* Yeah, right. You wouldn't last a day! *squirming a little as he pokes me. I'm not sure I want to reply to that. I'm not sure if I could last, then again I might be able to, I could just sleep while he's "training" himself. Yeah, right, who the fuck am I kidding*

Dom: What? Mister Wood, are you insinuating that I think with parts of my body other than that which is between my ears? *I grin, stealing another little kiss* And what about all that time before we began to have such an illustrious sex life? Hmm? I wasn't getting any then, you know! *I tighten my grip around your waist, putting both my palms flat against your sides.* I should bet you that I can... see which one of us gives in first. It would be good practice for the real thing. I bet.... I could go a week or more, and without even really trying. *I raise my eyebrows as I challenge you.*

Elijah: A week or more! *I snort then peel into laughter, taking a good few minutes to actually calm down and speak again* Yeah, right. I'd like to see that. *I nod, pulling back a little from him* Okay then, you think you can go a week or more, without even trying? Let's see you try it. *meeting his challenge. If worse comes to the worst I have my hand*

Dom: OK, so... that means the same for you, too, you know. Unless you're planning on replacing me for the week until I meet the challenge! *I smirk* And no teasing! That wouldn't be fair! You tease too much!

Elijah: A replacement? Now there's a thought. *I poke my tongue out, then sigh. No teasing, but... but... that's not fair!* But... I do not tease! *jutting my bottom lip out* So, when are we going to do this then? Starting from now?

Dom: *I contemplate this. OK, now... I realize I'm always one for a challenge, what with my competative nature and all that, but do I really want to do this? Now?* I don't know... really, I'm still doing research. *I shrug, making an excuse now* I suppose. What do you want to do? *I toss the ball into your court.*

Elijah: Oh, right I see. *trying not to grin too much, though it's a little impossible* You challenge me, probably thinking that I wouldn't go for it and now that I have you can't actually go through with it yourself. *I lean forwards, whispering, breath warm against his ear* It's alright, baby. I understand. Really. I do. *pulling back, with a grin, I giggle and slip out of his arms and off his lap*

Dom: Hey! I can too! *I say as you go, and turn back to my computer.* See this? *Pointing to the screen* Distraction! *I click on one of my book marked pages and bring it up, and pretend to start getting engrossed in it, waiting to see if you react.* Boring as hell, some of this reading. Nothing even the slightest bit sexual so... yeah, I'd say I can last a week, and I'll research at the same time. *I chuckle under my breath, knowing that it gets you sometimes when I spend too much time at this machine.*

Elijah: *I narrow my eyes, hesitating for a moment before bouncing back over, wrapping an arm around his shoulder* Okay, Dom. If you'd rather stare at a computer screen for a whole week, then touch me or make love to me, in bed and in the shower, on the couch, and all the other places we could have sex, then by all means be my guest. I'm not going to stop you. I want you to have more control over your ability. *I nod, bending down to drop a kiss to the top of his head*

Dom: *I grab you by the wrist and scold playfully* Yes, but see, Lij... you're teasing me. *I pull you back down for another little kiss and don't let go yet.* How am I supposed to do this if you tease? I think maybe you don't want me to succeed. See if I have the willpower to try and concentrate on something like that.

Elijah: *I try to wriggle back out of your grip, but it's only half heartedly, I'm also trying not to smile* I wasn't teasing... I was just pointing out the facts. *I nod* And of course I want you to succeed *nodding some more, though really that's a bit of a lie. No sex in a week? I'll go mad! But then... I suppose if he really wants to do it then I should kind of let him, I mean it -is- to help him get better control of his ability and as a person who wants better control of their own, I understand where he's coming from. I sigh softly* Okay, I promise not to tease you.

Dom: *I nod decisively, but don't let go of your wrist, because really, I want you to tease me. And you have to know that. I mean, I can be serious about something, and then I can be "serious" about something, and this... this is only serious in the first degree- serious enough to place the challenge, the one that really, probably, in all rights doesn't mean anything. But I guess if you don't want to tease, like you usually do... then I can withstand the week. If you can, too. I smirk* Right. No teasing. And you know how easily I get turned on so... I think we should have no French kissing, too. And... umm... no... no groping and whatnot. Must keep your hands to yourself, or else I might not have the right mindset to do this now. *I smile up at you, waiting to see if you protest. I know I can't do it as well as you can, but I do enjoy seeing you squirm every once in a while as much as you enjoy seeing me do it.*

Elijah: *gasping, my mouth opens and closes a few times. No kissing? No groping I can understand, but no French kissing! He must be winding me up!* No French kissing? Fuck off! No way. I'm sorry. No. *pulling my wrist from your grip I fold my arms across my chest, pouting just a little. Fuck that. I'm kissing whether you like it or not and if teasing happens to play a part in it too, then... well it's not my fault.*

Dom: *I snicker a bit* But Liiiiiiij! *whining at you* You knoooow how I get when you kiss me like that! *I grab you by the back of your thigh and pull you back closer to me.* How'm I supposed to concentrate if you insist on doing that the way you do? Hmm? Because... woo! Good kisser! *I nod with a very serious expression on my face before smiling again, just a little bit.*

Elijah: *I blush then and can't help but smile a little, he must be just playing with me... right? He can't cope without kisses for a whole week* I didn't realize they were that good. *trailing a finger down the front of his shirt. Oh it's so hard not to tease. How would I not be able to tease him? It's like, a favourite past time of mine* Okay, fine, so why don't we do this properly and have absolutely no kissing whatsoever, not even pecks and kisses on cheeks.

Dom: *I look up at you and momentarily raise an eyebrow before looking back down.* Umm... yeah. OK. *Jesus Christ... there you go again.* Well, I guess. Whatever we need to do then, so as not to make you need to tease me. Right? *Glancing back up briefly* OK, so, that means... no kissing, French or otherwise... umm... no groping, smacking, otherwise caressing in a suggestive manner. *I think more* Probably shouldn't have any of those "looks", either. You know the looks I'm talking about, right? The "I'm seeing you completely naked and ready" looks? None of those...umm... oh yeah, and no playing with feet under the covers. That gets me going, too. *I try hard to contain my smirk this time. I could make a list a mile long, really, because most of the time just being in the same room with you is enough, if I'm feeling energetic enough.*

Elijah: Looks? *I arch an eyebrow, trying not to actually give you one of those "looks" now you've put the idea of being naked in my head* Playing with your feet turns you on? Interesting. *I nod thoughtfully* Wow, we can't really do much can we? Why don't we just sleep in a seperate room? That could make it a whole lot easier for you. Because you know, I'll be naked in bed. And that might be cause for temptation.

Dom: Well, either that or we can just... you know... wear something to bed? So there isn’t that temptation. *I absently let my hand wander up and down the back of your thigh as you stand close.* Or, if its easier, yeah, you could sleep in the guest bedroom. Since I'm the one who'd be trying to concentrate and all that. I think it would be important that I stay in my regular bed, you know, so it doesn’t disrupt my sleep? *I don't know how I'm managing, but I keep the seriousness of my gaze at you.* But I know you have the ability to fall asleep anywhere so, that wont be much of a problem for you, will it? *I flicker a little smile, a warm, thankful one, rather than the silly smirk I want to show you.* Right, so... I think if we live by those rules for a while, we should be able to drive ourselves completely insane, but I'll be able to see if I can really use this method to increase my ability. *Now I blink and smile all silly at you.* Think it'll work?

Elijah: *I'm about to protest at having to sleep in the guest room but stay silent instead. Fine.* Insane? You'll be the insane one, Dominic. Look at you. *I shift backwards a little, pressing my thigh back against your hand more* You can't even stop touching me for two minutes, I'm not sure how you'll cope for a whole week. *I smile, shrugging then* As for it working, I don't know. Guess we'll have to see won't we?

Dom: Oh, I see. Now all of a sudden you don't care either? *I look at you accusingly; surprised.* Well doesn't that just speak volumes! *Smirking a bit* I see how it is. Well, I guess that does change things then. If you feel that way about it. *I remove my hand from the back of your leg and turn a bit back to the computer, putting my one hand over the mouse* Hmmpf. *Eh, obviously I'm not winning this game of cat and mouse. I rarely do. I should probably just give up and tell you that I'm bluffing, and that I'm not going to miss out on any chance to jump your bones... not now, at least. Heh, I'd be an idiot if I did, having you here with me like this. Right where I love having you.*

Elijah: I do feel that way about it. *I cough a little, supressing a giggle, I'm really not going to be able to do this, if we really in fact do, do it and teasing you? I'll never stop doing, it'd just be impossible* So, I guess I'll leave you to it, and go pack up some of my stuff. You know, move into the guest room, to remove temptation from you and all that.

Dom: *My expression falls flat* Why cant you just wear something to bed? *OK, now you'll know it bothers me, but... yeah! It does! OK, I think I'm tired of this game. But I don't want to give in so easily. I want you to give in for once. I always do!* Oh, fine. Whatever. *I shrug* Go for it. Get whatever you need, I guess. Want help?

Elijah: *I sigh, frowning, okay, maybe the teasing needs to stop, I didn't want to upset him* Aww, Dommie. *I walk the couple of steps back to him and slide back into his lap* You know, I'm only teasing you, right? *I press a kiss to his forehead, ducking down a little to catch his eye* I'd never be able to sleep knowing you were in the room across the hall.

Dom: *I smile a bit. I figured. But I'm just as bad.* OK, then.... clothing to bed for both of us... *I continue on with a little laugh* Either that or... *I reach around you and rest my chin against your chest and roll my eyes up to look at you.* I could always look into another method of instruction, and fuck celibacy. *shrugging a little and following with a little smirk.* That way we could stay in bed the whole damn time if we want to, right?

Elijah: Right. *I nod, dipping my head and kissing him on the nose* But if you can't find anything, then we should do the whole no sex thing. Because it's just sex and I mean, we could manage it, right? I would rather you got more control over you ability. because that's important. *I smile at him, reaching up to trace fingers along his jaw*

Dom: *I close my eyes when you trace your finger against my jaw, feeling the touch, and everything behind it as well. Yeah, right. Whatever you say. I'll have to bind you and gag you as well, and then maybe, just maybe, I might be able to do that.* Evil. You know that? You're pure, unadulterated, sexual evilness, Elijah. *I lean forward and kiss your chin once, tighten my hands along your hips.* We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll be lucky and be one of those that just has the natural ability to develop? It's gotten clearer and stronger on its own all along. Maybe it still can. Become more controlled as well. *I tilt my head up, asking for your lips with mine.*

Elijah: Maybe. *I murmur, smiling softly, leaning forwards and dropping my head, catching your lips with mine, in a much needed kiss, my arms wrapping around your shoulders to hold you close to me. I doubt I'd ever be able to not kiss you, if it came down to it, I think kissing would be one of the things I missed the most*

Dom: *I tilt my head to meet you in a kiss, breathing in sharply as I do. My hands move further up your waist, and I think this is the answer right here. When we break the kiss, I smile, my head leaned back a little.* Nope. We'd never make it. *I lean back again for another kiss and slip my hands under the layer of your shirt just to be able to feel your hot skin with them, then stop again.* Absolutely not.

Elijah: I think I'd have to agree with you on that one. *I smile, giving him another soft kiss before pulling back* I love you. *still smiling, fingers curling around the back of his neck, twisting hair at the nape of his neck around a finger*

Dom: Mmmm... *I hum against your lips as we press together once more. Then I whisper to you, lightly in your ear.* Love you so much. Need to touch you. *Another kiss* Need to kiss you. *I hug you to me, my face against your chest, and sigh contently.*

Elijah: *holding you tight, placing soft kisses to any exposed skin I can get to that isn't pressed to my chest* The no sex thing is definitely out then, huh? *I giggle, rocking us side to side*

Dom: *Smiling, I run fingers through your hair, tilting my head a bit just to look at you, at how beautiful you really are, and especially when you smile at me.* What do you think? *I pull you in for a very passionate, heartfelt kiss, one to take your breath away, and I think it speaks for itself.*

Elijah: *I kiss back, hands tightening, fisting into the back of his shirt, basically gripping on, from the sheer passion and emotion coming from that kiss and when I do pull back, I am breathless, and gasping* Okay, umm, wow.... *letting out a slow breath* yeah.

Dom: *I laugh a bit, looking deep into your eyes, getting lost in them, my laugh fading to a little smile.* Come on... *I lean around you, looking over you shoulder and power down the computer, then make you stand, and sit you straddling me on the god-awful computer chair, so you're facing me head-on all the way now.* Shall we go see just how much we can't stay away from each other? *My eyes glisten, gazing back at you, until I lean and kiss once more.* We can work up an appetite and then go for Chinese or something. *I wink*

Elijah: *giggling and resting my hands on your shoulder, thumbs stroking in smooth circles up and down your neck, I shift getting more comfortable on your lap* Chinese. Wow, you do spoil me, Dom. *I tease, leaning forwards for another kiss, smiling against your lips* Like I'd ever say no to the offer of Chinese. *catching your bottom lip between my teeth, nipping lightly*

Dom: *I get up off the chair, holding you close to me and waiting for you to wrap your legs around my waist before moving off.* Wait a second... I said Chinese after me! *Smirking, I start to move us toward the bedroom.* That’s the deal. *I lean forward for a little kiss and try not to drop you now. You're actually heavier than you seem.*

Elijah: *looking at him with a some what amused expression when he picks me up, holding on tight, I kiss back softly, then pulling back to look at him* And here I was thinking we were going to fuck on the uncomfortable computer chair. *I giggle, dipping my head, letting my tongue lap slowly, up his neck, nipping at skin just under his jaw*

Dom: Brat! *I kiss your nose* If you like, we can. But I can't promise that thing wont break! *I bring you into the bedroom now and lean over to lay you back on the bed, nuzzling into you as I do.* I think in here is better though. *Then pressing in, I kiss you deep again, giving you a glimpse of just how much I can't keep from loving you, no matter how hard I might try.*
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