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Sean: *I haven't seen Viggo all day, and presume he's off in the spare room he's turned into a studio during the short while we've been here. Grinning a little I walk over to the closed door, cracking it open slowly, grin widening when I see him, back to the door*

Viggo: *I'm painting, or trying to, frowning in concentration at the almost blank canvas, unable to quite figure out what I want. When I hear the door open, I jump, dropping my pallet on the floor and cursing*

Sean: *I chuckle softly when he jumps and drops his pallet. Walking over I slide my arms around his waist, pressing my nose against his neck, inhaling his scent* How's it going? *I murmur, voice and words muffled against his neck*

Viggo: *I sigh, leaning back against him.* It's not. I think that I'll blow up this canvas if I stare at it for too much longer.

Sean: Mhm....*I nip lightly at his neck, slowly walking us backwards out of the room* Then perhaps I should just kidnap you and cart you off, so you don't blow it up, hm?

Viggo: Maybe... *I moan, leaning against him and following, tilting my head to the side so I can look at the three brush strokes on the canvas* Don't think it would be a huge loss, though

Sean: *I smile when he moans, but shift to just rest my chin on his shoulder* Have you eaten anything today?

Viggo: *I blink, thinking about that, trying to remember the last time I ate* Um, I don't think so...

Sean: How about we go out for lunch then?

Viggo: Lunch sounds good. *I turn in his arms as we walk through the door, pressing my lips against his* Do I get you for dessert?

Sean: *chuckling softly* If you want me for dessert, I'm certainly not going to complain.

Viggo: Well, then, we better hurry up and get to lunch or I might be tempted to skip straight to dessert.

Sean: *grinning* I suppose we should. Just let me get my keys and wallet and we can go.

Viggo: All right. *I reluctantly let go and start hunting around the house for my shoes, trying to remember where I was the last time I wasn't able to stand them any longer. Finally, I find them half under the couch and join Sean in the car*

Sean: *I give Viggo a small grin when he finally joins me in the car* I see you found your shoes.

Viggo: They were hiding from me. *I nod, sliding into my seat and buckling the seat belt.* Didn't want to be found.

Sean: Mhm....of course. Just like always. *my eyes twinkle a little with mirth as I start the car and head off in the direction of a nice little cafe about 15 minutes away*

Viggo: *I scowl over at him, wrinkling my nose and narrowing my eyes* They were.

Sean: Course they were, love.

Viggo: They don't like being worn any more than I like wearing them.

Sean: Oh, I'm sure they don't love. It probably has to do with you cursing them.

Viggo: They pinch my toes *I say solemnly, sinking back in the seat as we stop at a light*

Sean: Then why don't you get a different pair of shoes? *I give him an amused look, turning into a parking space*

Viggo: They all pinch my toes. it's a conspiracy

Sean: Try sandals, love. Birkenstocks shouldn't pinch your toes.

Viggo: People laugh at me when I wear sandals in the winter. *I pause, my forehead wrinkling with thought as I climb out of the car* Or when I go barefoot in the winter.

Sean: There's nothing wrong with sandals in the winter, though going barefoot would be a mite bit cool I'd think.

Viggo: Not unless there's snow...

Sean: *chuckling softly* Whatever you say. Now come on, I'm quite hungry. *I slide an arm around him and pull him along gently into the cafe, finding us a nice little table near the back*

Viggo: *I slide into my seat, leaning my elbows on the table and bringing Sean's hand up to my mouth* 'M hungry too..

Sean: *I give him a smile when he brings my hand up to his mouth, passing him a menu with my free hand* Have at it, love.

Viggo: *I suck one finger into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip*

Sean: *I arch an eyebrow at Viggo, grinning a little*

Viggo: *Pulling his finger back a little, I nip at the end, grinning at him*

Sean: Thought you wanted to eat, love.

Viggo: *I chuckle* Do you want me to gnaw off your finger? I don't think the other patrons would appreciate me doing what I have in mind.

Sean: Mhm, I imagine they would. Now, *I hold the menu up for him to see.* I really am hungry, love.

Viggo: *I grumble and release his finger, picking up my own menu* You're no fun.

Sean: No, I'm just hungry. Promise I'll be plenty of fun once I'm fed.

Viggo: I'm going to hold you to that, you know. *Giving him a smile, I peruse my own menu, giving the waitress my order when she stops by*

Sean: *I give my order to the waitress, thanking her when she takes the menu's and tells us our order will be right out* I certainly hope you will, love.

Viggo: Oh, I will. Promise. *I reach across the table and squeeze his hand, my foot rubbing up and down his calf*

Sean: You're horrible, Viggo, *I murmur, shifting a little as he starts to rub his foot up and down my leg*

Viggo: Me? Horrible? *I give him an innocent look, sliding my foot out of my shoe so I can better rub and smiling at the waitress when she brings our drinks. When she's gone, I start rubbing again, my foot going higher this time*

Sean: Quite. *I thank the waitress again when she brings our drinks, taking a sip of mine before shooting Viggo a glare over the rim of my cup*

Viggo: *Still smiling, I inch my foot higher until it's in his lap, my toes just brushing against his groin* Well, I suppose I could just leave you alone. *I sigh, pushing my foot forward enough to give his cock a nice stroke and then pulling my foot back completely, slipping it back into my shoe*

Sean: *I growl softly when he presses his foot against my groin, both relieved and frustrated when he pulls his foot back* You'll pay doubly for that, love.

Viggo: Is that a promise? *I take a sip of my drink, slowly sliding the straw into my mouth*

Sean: Yes, that is a promise. *I scowl at him a little, hating how he can do so much to me with so little*

Viggo: Good. *I smile and release the straw, sitting back in my chair and folding my hands on the table, staring at him and smiling.* Glad to hear it.

Sean: You're horrible, Viggo. Teasing me like that.

Viggo: Teasing? *I blink at him innocently, sliding my foot out of my shoe and back up against his groin as the waitress brings our food* I'm not teasing. you a taste of what's to come.

Sean: *I slide a hand under the table, grasping his foot and firmly, but gently pressing it back down to the floor* You're teasing, love.

Viggo: *I give him a miffed look, sliding my foot back into my shoe and starting to eat my food* Teasing implies I won't follow through. I have every intention of following through.

Sean: And where did you intend to follow through, hm? On top of the table, or under it? *grinning a little as I attempt to keep a straight face*

Viggo: Which would you prefer? *I smirk, leaning forward and looking straight into his eyes* I could do either, though they'll both probably cause a scandal.

Sean: You're completely incorrigible. *giving an exaggerated sigh* I don't know why I put up with this.

Viggo: Because you love me? *I look at him with wide eyes, biting my bottom lip*

Sean: Mhm....yes, that would be it, I suppose. *I can't help but chuckle softly at the expression on his face*

Viggo: *I grin widely, turning to smile at the waitress when she brings our food. When she's gone again, I turn back to Sean* Well, where and when do you want me to follow through?

Sean: Perhaps once we're back to my apartment would be best, yes? *arching and eyebrow* I'm not particularly fond of making a scene and winding up splashed all over the rags like George Michael.

Viggo: *I give him a fake pout that's almost ruined by the grin that keeps trying to break through and swallow my food* I suppose. Don't really want to be all over the papers either.

Sean: Mhm...good. *I take a bite of my food, chewing and swallowing before speaking again* Perhaps we should eat then, sooner we're done, the sooner we can get back to my apartment and I can give you exactly what you want, *I purr, dropping my voice to a low rumble*

Viggo: Is that a promise? *I stick a piece of meat into my mouth, slowly pulling out the fork out of my mouth, my lips curving around it*

Sean: *I chuckle softly, the sound barely audible* You can count on it, love.

Viggo: *Grinning madly, I shove as much food as I can into my mouth, trying to eat it all at once*

Sean: *I snort softly* Pig.

Viggo: *It takes a few minutes for me to swallow the food in my mouth, but when I do, I blink at him innocently* You said we should eat as fast as possible...

Sean: I never said that. I only said the sooner we ate the sooner we would be done.

Viggo: So I'm trying to eat sooner, so we can be done sooner and get home sooner. *I grin at him, running my foot up his leg*

Sean: *I swat at his leg discretely under the table* You're going to choke, and then where will we be?

Viggo: You can give me CPR and then kiss it all better. *I chuckle and start eating again, this time at a more sedate pace*

Sean: *shaking my head I laugh a little* CPR doesn't help when something's stuck in your throat.

Viggo: Well, you can do whatever helps when you're choking. The Heimlich or whatever it is. And then take care of me.

Sean: You're impossible Vig.

Viggo: I try. *I push the last of my food into my mouth and swallow, signalling the waitress to bring our check*

Sean: I'm sure you do, love. *I finish the last of my food and set my fork down, thanking the waitress when she brings the check over*

Viggo: *I take the check and pull out my wallet, leaving the money for the bill plus tip on the table, and then reach out to take Sean's hand* Shall we have dessert at home?
Sean: *I smirk a little when he pays, then takes my hand* That depends, just what were
you thinking of for dessert?

Viggo: I was thinking of having you for dessert. *I lean in towards him, my tongue snaking out to lick the shell of his ear* Unless you'd rather have me?

Sean: I think I'd rather have you, love, *I murmur, tugging him out into the parking lot, pressing him up against my car as I drop my head to nip lightly at his neck*

Viggo: Well, we can do that too. But not until we get home. *Grinning, I push him away from me and climb into the car, waiting for him to get in so we can go home*

Sean: *I chuckle, and climb into the car after him, giving Viggo a small smile*

Viggo: *I start the car and drive off, more than ready to go home for dessert*
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