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Liv Tyler

Kitchen countertops and what happens on them...

Livvie: *am in the kitchen, humming away to myself. baking's fun. making lots and lots of cookies. tons of them. chocolate chip, macadamia white chocolate, chocolate chip and almond...*

Marton: *slips up behind you, sliding my arms around your waist and nuzzling your neck*

Livvie: *jumps a little, not expecting you, then snuggles up against you. lil smile. looks around to you* Hello, love.

Marton: Mmm... hello, beautiful. Something smells good.

Livvie: *grins* I've been baking. There's chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, chocolate chip and almonds, chocolate chip and pecans, and this *indicates mixing bowl* is chocolate chip and walnut.

Marton: Mmm.. *nuzzles your neck more* No... it's you.

Livvie: *shivers, tilts head back against your shoulder* M-me?

Marton: *touches your skin with the tip of my tongue* mmhmm... it's you.

Livvie: *eyes fall shut, leaning against you, the bowl clasped in one hand against my body*

Marton: *nibbles on you, then dips my finger into the batter and scoops up a fingerful*

Livvie: *turns my head against your shoulder* Greedy pig. Let me get them on the tray and back them first.

Marton: *grins, sucking on my finger* I have a better idea...

Livvie: And what is this better idea, my lord Celeborn?

Marton: *takes the bowl, dips out a small fingerful and smears it on your neck, then sucks it off*

Livvie: *purrs* I like that idea.

Marton: So do I

Livvie: *dips my finger in the bowl and smears cookie dough on your forearm. licks and sucks it up*

Marton: *raises an eyebrow and grins, dipping your fingers in and then sucking on them, my tongue caressing your skin*

Livvie: *watches you sucking on my fingers. moans*

Marton: LIke that, do you, love? *sucks on your fingers again*

Livvie: *moans. shivery sigh* yes...

Marton: *slowly unbuttons your blouse, revealing your collarbone and sucking on them without the batter*

Livvie: *fingers curling into your shirt, standing there swaying a little*

Marton: You okay, love?

Livvie: *nods* Yes, very okay.

Marton: *grins, takes another glob of cookie dough and holds it up in front of your lips*

Livvie: *sucks it off your fingers, tongue playing with them*

Marton: mmm... *groans softly, watching you suck my finger*

Livvie: *sucks more, pulling away slowly, licking my lips*

Marton: *undoes the rest of your blouse, licking the tops of your breasts*

Livvie: *shudders, fingers shaky, working at removing your shirt.

Marton: *pulls back and pulls my shirt over my head, then resumes licking the top of your breasts sans cookie dough*

Livvie: *fingers fumbling with the fastenings on your pants, finally managing to get them undone*

Marton: *undoes your bra, then swipes a dollop of batter onto your nipple, then slowly licks it off*

Livvie: *pushes your pants down, then gasps when i feel your tongue on my nipple*

Marton: *kicks my pants to the side, still sucking on your nipple and grasping your other one lightly between fingers*

Livvie: *shaky breath, my hand reaching down to caress the hollow where your thigh meets your torso*

Marton: *continues to suck on your nipples, alternating between the two, while sliding my hands down to your pants*

Livvie: *curves my fingers around your cock, my thumb rubbing over the head*

Marton: *slides my mouth up to your neck again, sucking just under your jawline, while working your pants open and pushing them down*

Livvie: *tilts head back, moan. steps out of my pants*

Marton: Mmm... Liv.... *slides my lips back down, past your breasts,
licking your stomach*

Livvie: *reaching behind me, gripping onto the counter*

Marton: *nibbles on your navel, then continues lower, mouthing your mound over your panties*

Livvie: *MOAN* *hips lifting towards your mouth, my panties are already soaked with my juices, and now, with your saliva*

Marton: *sucks on you through the material, sliding a finger underneath to tease you*

Livvie: *cries out, shuddering*

Marton: *reaches up to pull your panties down, exposing you fully to my eager tongue, laps at you slow and hard*

Livvie: *riding your mouth, moaning. my knuckles are white from gripping the counter top, but i'm lost in a sea of pleasure*

Marton: *sucks on your clit, slowly teasing your opening with the tips of two fingers, then pushing them both inside of you*

Livvie: *moans. utterly incapable of coherent thought. shudders when i feel your fingers start to enter me*

Marton: *pulls my fingers out, looks up at you and slowly licks them, before replacing them inside you, thrusting slowly with them while working on your clit*

Livvie: *moaning* god, Marton.

Marton: Mmm? *humms against your clit*

Livvie: *the vibrations from your humming pushes me over the edge, and i cum, crying your name out loud* Marton!

Marton: *thrusts my fingers in you more, pushing your orgasm further, helping you ride it out*

Livvie: *i gasp, my muscles clenching tightly around your fingers*

Marton: *wiggles my fingers, then slowly pulls them out, licking both you and them clean*

Livvie: *shudders, leaning limply against the counter*

Marton: *smiles up at you, trailing light kisses up your body, before cupping your face in my hands and kissing your lips*

Livvie: *holding on to you, kissing you back*

Marton: So beautiful...

Livvie: *licking along your jaw, smiling at you before taking your earlobe between my lips, knowing how that turns you on*

Marton: *growls softly* You know what that does to me.

Livvie: Mmm. *hums around your earring*

Marton: *cups your breasts, nipples caught between thumb and forefinger*

Livvie: *sucking and toying with your ear. sliding my tongue around it*

Marton: *presses up against you, feeling your skin on mine, my erection caught between our bodies*

Livvie: *slides my hand down, grasping your cock*

Marton: *groans when you do, pressing into your hand*

Livvie: *still sucking on your earlobe, my hands jerking you, thumb rubbing over your head*

Marton: so good, Liv... *tilts my head, still caressing your breasts*

Livvie: *shivers and sighs, my hands moving on your cock*

Marton: want you, love... *groans as you stroke me*

Livvie: And I want you too. *whispers against your lips as i slide you into me*

Marton: *grasps your hips, pulling your legs around my waist, letting you sit on the counter as I slowly start thrusting inside of you*

Livvie: *crosses my feet behind your back, hands braced against the counter, head tilted back*

Marton: *kisses you then sucks on your neck as I continue to thrust inside of you, slides a hand to your clit and starts manipulating it*

Livvie: *moans, eyes fluttering shut. slides my arms around you.*

Marton: *thrusts into you harder, gripping your hips, sucking on your neck* feel ... so ... good!

Livvie: Yes... *clenching my muscles around you as you thrust in me*

Marton: *feels my balls tigten* Livvie... I'm gonna cum... *thrusts as hard as I can, once, twice, finally cumming and calling out your name*

Livvie: *milking you as you cum, finally giving in and climaxing again*

Marton: *practicaly collapses against you, holding you tightly to me, feeling my cock throb in your warmth. I kiss you over and over*

Livvie: *holds on to you tightly, shaky laugh* Now I know another good use for kitchen counters.

Marton: *chuckles lightly* And cookie dough.

Livvie: *blushes and laughs*
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